Did you know?

35,000 people work at Broadgate

From busy baristas to brilliant barristers

1,000 years ago people skated here

Skidding and sliding across frozen marshland

There are 1,500 bike racks at Broadgate

Cycle revolution is green for go

Crossrail opens in 2018 at Broadgate

High speed to Heathrow or whizz to Canary Wharf

There are 10 unique sculptures in public spaces

Pause for thought on a busy day

100,000 energy efficient light bulbs form the artwork at Finsbury Avenue Square

Create a striking art display

40 tonnes of sand create a beach for beach volleyball at Broadgate

Beach volleyball tournament raises thousands for Action for Kids

150,000 people are based within five minutes of Broadgate

Broadgate is home to 10,000 sq ft of green roof space

Broadgate is home to 10,000 sq ft of green roof space

It’s only three minutes to Liverpool Street from Broadgate

Getting from A to B’s as easy as one, two, three...

Six rush hour bronzes brave the weather in Finsbury Avenue Square

Heroically braving the British weather for over 20 years

A five tonne Venus overlooks Exchange Square

Serenely oversees life in Exchange Square