Bishopsgate Institute – 120 years on

Since 1895, Bishopsgate Institute has been a home for open minds, independent thought, grand ideas, debate and learning. As part of our Broadgate Perspectives season, we’ve had a look at what’s coming up over the next few months at the Institute.

Bishopsgate Institute, located just across the road from Broadgate, has been inspiring audiences for 120 years. Since opening they have hosted hundreds of events, including in 1903, Sir Ernest Shackleton presenting an account of his trip to the South Pole, midday war lectures in 1916, and a lunchtime concert from acclaimed British pianist Dame Myra Hess in 1958. One of the most well-received shows of all came in 1997, when Sir Paul McCartney made the most of the Great Hall's remarkable acoustics.

Bishopsgate Institute continues to inspire audiences this autumn with their 120th anniversary programme. Highlights include:

You can explore areas of London’s past and present in a huge collection of walking tours and history courses or explore Bishopsgate Institute's world-renowned archive collections.

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