Book Events

The Book People, dedicated to delivering the very best in British publishing, is proud to be working with us to hold their ever-popular book sales at Broadgate. Not only do they offer top quality, up-to-date products, they also offer huge savings.

The Book People started in 1988 with a passion and overall ethos to make top quality books affordable to everyone. Through a relationship built over the year with all of the UK’s leading publishers, they are now able to offer at least 50% off the recommended price and in many cases more than 75%.

From cook books to gripping thrillers, the collection is sourced from classic and bestselling authors and the most popular children’s characters.

Book event dates:

Tuesday 4th April - 155 Bishopsgate

Tuesday 9th May - Broadgate Tower

Thursday 1st June - 1 Broadgate

Wednesday 7th June - 199 Bishopsgate
Thursday 8th June - 201 Bishopsgate
Tuesday 13th June - 155 Bishopsgate
Thursday 29th June - Broadwalk House

Wednesday 5th July - 10 Exchange Square

Thursday 10th August - 155 Bishopsgate
Thursday 17th August - Broadgate Tower

Wednesday 6th September - Exchange House
Thursday 14th September - 1 Broadgate
Tuesday 19th September - 201 Bishopsgate
Thursday 28th September - Broadwalk House

Wednesday 4th October - 199 Bishopsgate
Tuesday 17th October - 155 Bishopsgate

Thursday 9th November - Broadgate Tower
Tuesday 28th November - 201 Bishopsgate

Wednesday 6th December - 1 Broadgate
Thursday 7th December - Exchange House
Wednesday 13th December - Broadwalk House
Thursday 14th December - 155 Bishopsgate
Wednesday 20th December - Broadgate Welcome Centre

All book events start at 10am and finish at 2.30pm. 

The Book People accept cash, cheques, debit and credit cards.