The Buzz on Coffee

Sat at your desk in need of an afternoon pick-me-up? Looking for something to get you through the post-lunch droop? Take a (coffee) break and head downstairs to The Liberty of Norton Folgate.

As Broadgate’s resident masters of the brew-based arts, they’ve got whatever sort of caffeinated concoction you’re after. But don’t expect the same old sludge – here there’s a difference.

They source their own beans, contribute to various charities and pour loads of love into every single cup. You may already be a convert so you’ll know what we’re on about.

Which bring us to the following question: have you ever thought about becoming an amateur barista? Anyone can take the first step towards better brewing at home. Read on for a crash course in do-it-yourself coffee making.

Easier than it looks

The pour-over method is by far the most accessible starting point. And while baristas have transformed this relatively simple exercise into a bespoke science, a few basic steps will do the trick.

Things you’ll need: coffee, a grinder (for whole beans), a drip cone, a filter and a mug.

  • Step 1: Fold your (preferably unbleached) filter at the seam and place in the dripper. Put this on top of a standard size mug.
  • Step 2: Add the coffee (roughly 3 tablespoons per cup, depending on how strong you like it). Pre-ground will work but why not get yourself a grinder and some fresh-roasted whole beans? It really does make a massive difference.
  • Step 3: Pour enough boiled water (after letting it stand for 30 seconds) to fully saturate the coffee. Give it a few seconds to ‘bloom’ or bubble away before adding more water. If you like, stir gently with a small spoon to ensure even brewing.
  • Step 4: Once all the liquid has made its way into the mug (which usually takes a couple of minutes), remove the dripper. There will still be some excess, so place it in the sink or on another cup to catch any leftover droplets. Be careful and don’t scald yourself.
  • Step 5: Enjoy your lovely cup of coffee in all its uncomplicated, beautiful and delicious glory.

Please note: These instructions are a simplified version of a more rigorous undertaking. Exact measurements, specific temperatures, precise pouring techniques and correct timings are important aspects of the pour over.

But let’s face it – you don’t have to be a professional to give it go!

The Buzz on Coffee

Bring it on home

That’s where the folks at The Liberty of Norton Folgate come in. They take the coffee-drinking experience seriously – from sustainable sourcing and ethical buying practices to the unique design and feel of their nine shops spread across central London.

So stop by The Liberty of Norton Folgate, pick up a bag of California Dreamin’ (our favourite from their line of whole beans) and see how you get on. There’s also loads of equipment available on their website for when you decide to take everything up a level. In the meantime, try each one of their espresso-based drinks and see which one you like best. 

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