Focus on Walker

David Walker
The Broadgate Tower

Focus on David Walker 

Each month we take a closer look at one of our Broadgate artists; this month is the turn of David Walker, the artist behind the brand new exhibition on the first and second floor lobbies of the Broadgate Tower. Relative Space, a display of recent paintings by David Walker which explore the combination of space with architectural forms and natural light, is available to view till March 2015. 

Taking London as their starting point, these works express an ongoing fascination with urban space and the built environment. Constructions, facades, thoroughfares and skylines are presented as the artist explores the complex spatial relationships which exist between these interwoven elements. Not concerned with a particular location as such, the artist offers the viewer his reaction to a sense of place; glimpsed and mundane views are suffused with a curious beauty resulting in bold impressions, hinting at abstraction and suggesting underlying layers of interpretation within.

Abstract in style, Walker’s watercolours further explore these themes. Here the fluid qualities of the medium are employed by the artist to explore ideas of solidity and transparency; permeable and impermeable forms are presented by the artist in washes of bold and yet delicate colour.

David Walker trained and practiced as an architect before concentrating on architectural illustration and fine art painting. A multi award winning artist, he is the recipient of prizes for watercolour from the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour and for oil painting from the Royal Institute of Oil Painters. David's studio is based in West London, visit his website www.davidwalkerstudio.com for more details.

The works will be with us till March next year. If you don't work in the Broadgate Tower you can still see David’s work at the Relative Space Private View on Wednesday 15 October 2014 from 5.30-8pm - email dwalker@visuals.plus.com to join the guestlist.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on Relative Space. Get in touch via Facebook or Twitter #BroadgateArt.