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We offer a variety of fantastic public spaces to gain unrivalled access to more than 30,000 people who work at Broadgate and 150,000 more within a five minute walk. Just next door, millions pass through Liverpool Street Station each year.

With some of the world’s biggest corporations and top professional practices based here, Broadgate is home to a high proportion of ABC1 professions, many who match Mosaic’s affluent and desirable Symbols of Success and Urban Intelligence profiles. Events and promotional activities in our vibrant public spaces also attract audiences from further afield, thanks to our brilliantly accessible position in the heart of the City.

There’s nothing like it in London

Brands choosing Broadgate as the venue for high profile events range from BMW and Jaguar to Air Asia and Swiss Air, Bloomberg and Reuters to Barclays and NatWest, Samsung and Sky to LG and Vodafone, Ribena and Haagen-Dazs to Mars Drinks and McGuigan’s Wines. So whether you’re looking to launch a new product, unveil a new campaign, raise brand awareness, give out thousands of samples or find out the views of people – Broadgate is the place for you.

Promotional opportunities can include: Poster sites across Broadgate, electronic poster sites in our buildings, information stands for literature, promotion on our website, newsletters to businesses across Broadgate, emails to My Broadgate members.

Broadgate Circle

5,000 sq ft
Home to an impressive arena, this versatile space hosts a range of exciting events - transforming into a beach for a charity volleyball tournament, creating giant ocean waves for London’s first surf simulator, becoming an open air cinema for big screenings, or offering London’s only turn up and skate ice rink each winter. As well as the many people who take part in events here, thousands more can enjoy them from the comfort of their offices, with global businesses like UBS and ICAP overlooking the Broadgate Circle.

Finsbury Avenue Square

55,000 sq ft
This stylish space for events, promotional activities and market research is located at the edge of Liverpool Street Station. Illuminated after dusk by an award winning lighting display, thousands of people walk through this square every weekday, making it the ideal place for major brands to promote themselves in a world class environment.

Exchange Square

10,000 sq ft
Liverpool Street Station provides a dramatic backdrop to this popular piazza and its perfect English lawn. With Broadgate Venus serenely overseeing everything, spectators can settle down on a series of steps or relax with a glass of wine at one of our retail venues. Successful events range from a croquet league and cinema screenings, to table tennis tournaments and a charity sleep out for the homeless. Some of the world’s finest buildings surround Exchange Square, including the iconic Exchange House, giving people working for top professional practices a bird’s eye view of events here.

The Fulcrum

1,500 sq ft
Situated at the west entrance to Liverpool Street Station, where over 400,000 people pass through every weekday, this highly visible spot is the perfect place for promotional activities and market research. Featuring an enormous artwork by internationally acclaimed artist Richard Serra, this space has been successfully used to launch new products, host campaigns, give out samples, find out what people think and raise money for charity.

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