Focus on Botero

Fernando Botero
Broadgate Venus, 1989
Patinated bronze
Exchange Square

Focus on Fernando Botero

Each month we take a closer look at one of our Broadgate artists; this month is the turn of Fernando Botero, the artist who created our magnificent Broadgate Venus, located in Exchange Square.

Love is in the air this month at Broadgate! If you're looking to impress your Valentine why not make a date to meet at the Broadgate Venus in Exchange Square. Celebrated by the Romans as the goddess of love, our voluptuous Venus is the perfect place to catch up with that special someone. You never know, her son Cupid could be lurking nearby with his bow and arrow ...

Reclining serenely from her elevated platform in Exchange Square, this monumental polished bronze nude overlooks Liverpool Street Station, affording a glimpse of romance in the hustle and bustle at the heart of the City. At five tonnes Broadgate Venus is one of Botero's most opulent pieces, and her generous curves are ever popular with passers-by, art students and amorous couples, many of whom pose for a photograph alongside this iconic vision. A site-specific commission for Broadgate, she is one of our best loved pieces.

Highly influenced by the great Spanish Masters including Goya and Velazquez, Botero is a sculptor and painter whose work revolves around memories of daily life, including the myths, religions and folk-art of his native Columbia. His artwork is enigmatic and primitive, often showing oversized and exaggerated human and animal forms. Botero trained originally as a bullfighter in the provinces before moving to Bogota and travelling to Europe to study art in Spain and Florence during the 1950s. Following a brief return to Columbia, Botero moved to New York in 1960, the year in which he was awarded the Guggenheim National Prize. The artist has participated in several important Biennial exhibitions including those in Venice in 1958 and 1992. Widely travelled, he is now based in Europe and New York.

If you think a second date could be on the cards, why not visit the Opera Gallery in New Bond Street to see an exhibition of Botero's recent paintings and sculpture from 10 to 28 February. 

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