ICAP Charity Day

ICAP's 21st Charity Day

ICAP Charity Day is the single biggest annual fundraising event in the financial world. Since its inception 20 years ago, ICAP Charity Day has raised more than £100 million supporting 1,400 charities around the world. Last year Charity Day raised £11m in 24 hours which was distributed to 200 charities globally.

This year, ICAP, who are based here at Broadgate, will be participating in the 21st Charity Day once more, inviting celebrity ambassadors, charities and supporters to close deals directly with ICAP customers (with a little help from ICAP brokers). Then all global revenues and staff commissions from the day are given to charity.

The selection of charities ICAP has supported include a vast range of projects ranging from ground-breaking medical research, to capital builds; supporting the homeless, to campaigning for heritage restoration; and everything in between. ICAP strives to support causes that benefit all ages, cultures and creeds.

Pop along and get your photo taken in the photo booth outside 1&2 Broadgate all day. 

Visit the ICAP Charity Day website for more information.