ICAP Charity Day 2014


ICAP Charity Day is the single biggest annual fundraising event in the financial sector. It began 22 years ago, creating a ripple of goodwill that has continued to grow and spread across the world. Staff and customers come together to raise money for the many charities that have been selected by 60+ ICAP offices from over 32 countries, donating 100% revenue made on the day.

Last year with the efforts of staff, customers and suppliers ICAP raised an amazing £9.5 million in 24 hours, bringing the total amount raised over 21 years to more than £110 million. ICAP have supported over 1,600 charities globally to date.

For all its efforts over the years, Charity Day has become an important part of the company’s ethos and culture.

One day each year ICAP gives up its entire global revenues and all broking staff donate their personal commission to charity. This year ICAP Charity Day is on Wednesday 3rd December. It is a vibrant, spirited event where all the benefitting charities invite their Patrons, Trustees and ambassadors to take part on the day, many of which are celebrity supporters. In order to raise the revenue, the celebrities and ambassadors physically close some of the trades directly with ICAP customers. The effort made by all those participating in the event is exceptional - there is a genuine sense of pride, and the effect of everyone collectively giving is truly inspirational.

The selection of charities ICAP support include a diverse range of projects from ground-breaking medical research, capital builds, developing world, conservation and everything in between. ICAP strives to support causes that benefit all ages, cultures and creeds.

This year ICAP hope to continue to raise significant funds to support more than 200 charities around the world. See who we are supporting this year here.