Painting & Unpainting Exhibition Tours

To mark the final weeks of Painting & Unpainting - Matthew Webber's wonderful exhibition at the Broadgate Tower and the launch of Broadgate Perspectives - our exciting programme of autumn events, the artist will be giving 30-minute guided tours of the show. 

Don't miss this opportunity to meet the artist and understand his processes and inspirations, as well as see Broadgate from a different perspective. 

Tours are free to attend and take place on 18th and 25th September, 12-2pm on the 1st Floor Lobby of the Broadgate Tower.

Please RSVP to Matthew via artist@matthewwebber.co.uk

Influenced by maps, aerial photography and the landscape around his East London studio, Matthew Webber creates oil and acrylic based paintings that are constructed, layer by layer, over a period of several months. The artist sees this process as being like a journey or a game, where every turning or move influences what happens next. The addition of paint and texture is just part of the process, however, as the final composition is only revealed once the artist has carefully scraped away and sanded down this built-up surface in order to expose the completed image.

As the layers are stripped away, the anatomical skeleton of the piece begins to emerge. The network of lines and strata become increasingly interwoven and intricate as this process continues, thus affording each work its own history and identity. An element of chance plays its part in the success or failure of these objects; long-hidden motifs emerge slowly, and unpredictably, through the excavation of paint. Colours and forms are revealed, connections and disconnections are made and the final structure is released.

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