Rockarchive Gallery

Images from rockarchive.com: 1- Clash by Syd Shelton; 2- Ramones by David Corio.

Olympus Cameras and Rockarchive have just opened Broadgate’s brand new pop-up gallery at 199 Bishopsgate with Rockarchive’s Greatest Pix, a never-seen-before collection of iconic rock photography.

Open Monday to Friday 10.30am-7pm and Saturday to Sunday 12noon-7pm. Browse and buy classic rock prints and talk to the technical experts about the Olympus imaging kit used to capture these historic moments. 

The gallery’s opening exhibition, Rockarchive’s Greatest Pix, is a collection of prints from the world’s best rock photographers. The gallery plays host to images that defined the Rock & Roll era - from Al Wertheimer capturing Elvis Presley sleeping on a train to Morrissey lying on a speaker by Kevin Cummins, Pink Floyd on The Wall to Oasis fighting in Paris, and from Jimi Hendrix reading to Bob Dylan wooing artist Suzie Rotola.

Established in 1998, Rockarchive is a collective of rock photographers who strive to make rock and roll photography more accessible for all, selling fine art limited edition photographic prints.

You will also be able to get hands-on with the latest range of innovative Olympus cameras and lenses. Get hints and tips on how to take your photography to the next level.

Olympus Image Space is the third in a series of pop-up galleries showcasing the best photographic talent.

Look out for special events at the Olympus Image Space Gallery on our website.

Olympus Image Space Gallery
199 Bishopsgate (entrance on Primrose Street)
London EC2M 3TY