Captivate at Broadgate

Drawing inspiration from Broadgate’s eclectic public art collection, Captivate - a new temporary exhibition by local school children, will be on display until Tuesday 6 May. 

Now in its second year, Captivate is an annual primary school design and installation study programme, funded by British Land and supported by Camden School Improvement Service and Broadgate. Accompanied by London artist Reza Ben Gajra, students explored the campus, analysing works by Jacques Lipchitz, Richard Serra, George Segal and Barry Flanagan, before designing and fabricating their own responses to the art.

From memorising two and three dimensional works to written prose, their findings, observations and thoughts are now on display in Finsbury Avenue Square and at the Fulcrum by The Broadgate Circle.

Sitting next to The Broadgate Circle development is Peace Eye View by Millfields Community School, Year 4. The dove and the cage represent freedom, liberty, and peace. The students were inspired by the pentagon at the top of Richard Serra’s Fulcrum, and the trapped feeling of Jacques Lipchitz’s Bellerophon Taming Pegasus.

In Finsbury Avenue Square you will find a rocket with two figures by St Paul’s with St Michael’s School, Year 3. Their sculpture was inspired by the pentagon at the top of Richard Serra’s Fulcrum and Bruce Mclean’s Eye-I. They explain ‘we were influenced by the idea of entering a new space. Our two figures stand and stare, captivated by the rocket’.

The final piece, also in Finsbury Avenue Square is by English Martyrs Roman Catholic Primary School, Year 5. They explain ‘this metallic live sculpture is captivated by the myth of Bellerophon and Pegasus struggling to escape from the tamed wire of fear’. Accompanying this piece is the following poem:

"Above the heavens, a mythical winged horse
Will catch your eye,
Shrieking with fear, Pegasus roams the earth tamed
As Zeus’s thunderbolt bearer,
Everything I do pain comes to my heart."

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Broadgate would like to thank Lak Singh, Logistics Manager and St John Cordingly, Senior Construction Manager from Mace for storing and installing the artworks.