Tony Robinson book signing at Broadgate

Date: 7 March
Location: Broadgate Welcome Centre, Finsbury Avenue Square
Time: 16:00-17:00

Actor, Author, and TV presenter, Tony Robinson, is coming to Broadgate for World Book Day on Thursday 7 March to sign copies of his latest series of children’s books – Weird World of Wonders!

Tony has been selected to write one of the World Book Day books and we are most excited about welcoming him to our corner of the Square Mile.

The invitation is open to children (who will have the opportunity to receive a free copy of one of his books!) as well as adults and occupiers alike - come along to buy one (or more!) of his books and get your book signed by the legend himself, followed by a 10-15 minute talk at 16:45.

There will be a Book People book sale from 12:00hrs until 17:00hrs, with up to 70% off some of the latest and chart-topping books, and Tony will be available between 16:00hrs-17:00hrs.

About Tony’s latest books

Tony Robinson and the Curiosity Crew take you on a headlong gallop through time, pointing out all the most important, funny, strange, amazing, entertaining, smelly and gory bits about WORLD WAR II, the GREEKS and BRITISH! It's history, but not as you know it!

Discover everything you ever needed to know about WORLD WAR II, the GREEKS and BRITISH in these brilliant, action-packed, fact-filled books by Tony Robinson - fantastically funny, historically accurate, fully illustrated series:


Uncover a host of fascinating facts and information about WORLD WAR II including: 

How useful mashed potato is
Why children were evacuated
What it takes to be a spy
How D-Day was kept a surprise


Learn everything there is to know about the GREEKS, including:

Why the ancient Greeks were mad about olive oil 
Who Pythagoras was 
Why Alexander the Great named a city after his horse, Bucephalus, 
How the Greeks invented the first computer, vending machine and death-ray 


Find out all the facts about the BRITISH, including:

How to cure the most gruesome tropical diseases
How to avoid scurvy 
Why bright red isn't the best colour for a soldier's uniform
Why not being able to swim was considered an advantage

Tony Robinson has written many books on historical subjects, including TONY ROBINSON'S KINGS AND QUEENS and THE WORST CHILDREN'S JOBS IN HISTORY which sold over 60,000 copies and won the Best Book with Facts category of the Blue Peter Book Awards. 

He has written several television series for children including Maid Marion and Her Merry Men for which he received a BAFTA and a Royal Television Award. 

He presents Channel 4's archaeology series Time Team, and played Baldrick in Blackadder. 

WORLD WAR II, GREEKS and BRITISH are part of the TONY ROBINSON’S WEIRD WORLD OF ADVENTURES series, which also includes the widely acclaimed EGYPTIANS and ROMANS.


“It’s like a cross between a history lesson and a cartoon strip, with brilliant facts written in a way that made me laugh.”
The Daily Record

“A fantastic new history series”
The Guardian 

“Robinson uses his sense of humour to educate and entertain the reader”
The Birmingham Post

“Romans has lots of quirky and intriguing facts to encourage reluctant readers”
Red House

“Terrific fun, first class entertainment and genuinely educational. Superb!”
Books Monthly

“Thoroughly recommended and a definite 5/5 for its refreshing historical explanations!”
First News

“With cartoons, jokes and facts galore, this is a history lesson like no other!”
Lancashire Evening Post

Check out the WEIRD WORLD OF WONDERS website, packed with more fact filled history fun and a brilliantly addictive game, created by Aardman digital, for this exciting series!

For further details about this event, please contact Hannah Maden at

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