Spring into Health – Running & Walking Routes

As research proves that a healthier workforce is generally more productive and happier, Broadgate is launching its Spring into Health Campaign - offering workers on the estate a personal onsite nutritionist, tailored running and walking routes and a local bike station.

Below, tailored running and walking routes have been designed to inspire you to use the 32 acre estate for lunchtime walks and lit evening runs. They can also be used by prunnerse looking for inspiration for general routes in the Square Mile; and on the basis of five laps of the estate equating to over 12,000 steps this could mean productivity is boosted by almost a fifth .

Running is free, you can do it anywhere, and it burns more calories than any other mainstream exercise. Regular running can reduce your risk of chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke. It can also boost your mood and keep you motivated in the office.

Getting involved is simple, there’s no sign up, it’s open to all and it’s free. All you need to do is choose your route, grab your running gear and go for it!

There are 8 different routes to choose from for beginners and advanced runners. If you’re a beginner, ease yourself in gently by choosing one of our kinder, shorter 1-2km routes. If you’re up for a big City challenge, just 5 circuits of Broadgate’s circumference gives you the 10k challenge. If you’re really confident, double that for a hard core 20k challenge!

Included in our shorter routes are two themed circuits. If you’re an art lover, why not explore the 11 multi-billion pound outdoor Broadgate sculptures whilst working off those extra calories? Or find out more about our outdoor piazzas, retail and event spaces by taking our Piazza route..

Broadgate Running & Walking Routes:

Route 1: Figure of 8, North – 1km

Route 2: Figure of 8, South – 1km

Route 3: Outdoor Art Tour – 2.0km

Route 4: Circumference of Estate – 2.0km

Route 5: Piazzas Tour – 2.3km

Route 6: Circumference of Estate x 2 – 4km
Route 7: Circumference of Estate x 4 – 8km
Route 8: Circumference of Estate x 5 – 10km
Route 9: Circumference of Estate x 10 – 20km

Below is also a calorie guide, to give you a steer on how many calories you can burn on the routes.

Calorie Burning Chart

1km – Burn up to 78 calories
2km – Burn up to 155 calories
4km – Burn up to 311 calories
8km – Burn up to 622 calories
10km – Burn up to 777 calories
20km – Burn up to 1554 calories

Stay motivated

Doing your first run is hard enough as it is, but staying motivated is the next important step. We highly recommend checking out the below website for running help, tips and tricks – from finding yourself a running buddy through to breathing techniques and much more.



If you would like to seek additional support, please contact us at events@broadgate.co.uk where we can put you in touch with our contacts at the on-site gyms.