Spring into Health with Broadgate

This week Broadgate is launching its Spring into Health campaign - offering workers on the estate a personal onsite nutritionist, tailored running and walking routes and the Broadgate Bike Station.

On 11 April you will have the opportunity to have complimentary 1:1 nutrition consultations with expert dietician Sian Porter who will provide practical diet advice on achieving optimum performance during the working day – from Board-meeting brain food to healthy desk snacking and dishes for dealers.

Tailored running and walking routes [insert hyperlink when ready] have also been designed to inspire City workers to use the 32 acre estate for lunchtime walks and lit evening runs. The routes will soon be available on Broadgate’s website, and Facebook page, and on the basis of five laps of the estate equating to over 12,000 steps this could mean productivity IS boosted by almost a fifth .

To support a growing cycling trend Broadgate is also teaming up with London Cycling Campaign to create the Broadgate Bike Station, offering cycling skills sessions for new and experienced cyclists to cycle confidently in London.

Sian Porter, dietician and Broadgate’s onsite consultant nutritionist comments on the launch: “For years research has shown that a healthier workforce is generally more productive. It is so easy to forget that simple things like healthier choices at the right time, in the right amounts, aids concentration, alertness and focus. This in turn can aid wellbeing as well AS productivity, contributing to the competitiveness of the businesses on the estate.”

Sian’s Top Tips for work

It is good to talk Walk to a colleague’s desks instead of sending an email
Give yourself a break Go for a lunchtime walk, even if it is a ten minute walk around the block or one lap around Broadgate
Use the commute Walk up escalators or stairs at tube stations rather than queuing for the escalator
Be prepared Having healthy snacks in your bag/desk drawer means that you won’t be ambushed by temptation
First meal is the most important Eat breakfast every day within two hours of getting up
Meeting preparation It’s not just about the meeting agendas you should think about, ditch the meeting biscuits and pastries and replace them with a fruit or a veg platter

For more information about the campaign, further tips or to book your nutrition consultation, please visit:

Sian Porter, Broadgate Dietitian

Broadgate Bike Station