Discover stART 2018

Images courtesy of artists and TAG Fine Arts

Uncover something new with stART 2018, a series of energising and inspiring artworks showcased at Broadgate in association with TAG Fine Arts. 

Throughout January and February, levels one and two of the Broadgate Tower will play home to a variety of pieces (including printmaking, photography and sculptural wall art) by the following new and established artists:  

Matt Colagiuri Colagiuri's aim is to take the familiar, deconstruct it, and re-present it in a manner that challenges the senses.  

Robin Duttson - the artist works across different media in interconnected projects, taking inspiration from the rich, all-encompassing schemes of Baroque art. 

Debra Franses-Bean - the artist creates identical, crystal-clear handbag sculptures containing a plethora of desirable objects - often the kind whose appeal is short-lived.  

Alberto Fuscoworking from his studio, all of Fusco's artworks are made up by folded and manipulated paper and transformed into textural geometrical forms, which ultimately are developed into sculptural pieces in their own right. 

Brett Goldstar - his work brings images together that appear to contradict or oppose in the first instance, and ultimately points at a stream of darker connections, questions and similarities.  

Natalie Goldsteinthe photographer's eye is drawn to the aesthetics of the human form, beyond merely the body beautiful. Her work has been compared to Helmut Newton, as both artists portray the female form as monumentally powerful.  

Vincent Poole - the artist's strong dynamic and iconic images sourced and influenced from advertising, interiors and furniture design have featured strongly in all his creative work. 

Michael Suchta - his Eye Chart series are expertly executed using enamel paint on multi-layers of plexiglass. He invites the viewer to be challenged and on closer inspection random, floating letters appear to have a clearer structure and meaning. Once the viewer's attention is fully focused they are rewarded with a famous quotation by legendary politicians, poets, writers and spiritual leaders. 

Cai Yuan - He works across a variety of media. His print work combines strong colour and superb composition with creative political and social commentary.  

To ensure each of access on arrival please confirm your visit in advance with Broadgate’s Art Curator, Rosie Glenn rg@rosieglennfineart.co.uk 

About TAG Fine Arts 
TAG Fine Arts is a contemporary art dealer and publisher based in Islington. Since launching in 2006, TAG Fine Arts has represented emerging and established contemporary artists through a programme of exhibitions, commissions, major publishing projects and collaborations with museums and non-commercial institutions. Find out more at tagfinearts.com on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

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Contact names: Hobby Limon, Bryony Wright, Mark Jason

TAG Fine Arts is part of the Own Art scheme with Arts Council England.
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Art courtesy of TAG Fine Arts (order of work: Robin Duttson - Apple Blossom Graphic Impression 1 (detail); Vincent Poole - Thinking of England; Alberto Fusco - Alfeo (detail); Cai Yuan - One World One Dream (green) (detail); Debra Franses-Bean - Scent of a Woman 9 (detail); Michael Suchta - Eye Charts; Natalie Goldstein - Lips (Warhol) (detail); Alberto Fusco - Leander (detail); Brett Goldstar - Emoji Lisa (Mona Lisa); Robin Duttson - Apple Blossom Graphic Impression 4 (detail)