As you walk through this 900 foot passageway, look upwards to see the graduated colours of the overhead beams. These run from metallic lead through to golden yellow and back to lead again. For Seligman this is an exploration on the theme of alchemy, that elusive dream of turning base metals to gold - a dream no doubt shared by many of our City traders.

A former barrister who studied at Balliol College, University of Oxford, Seligman has worked on murals and other large commissions for clients on both sides of the Atlantic. He creates varied pieces from steel, bronze, aluminium and glass, and has recently been working on a stage set design for a New English Ballet Theatre performance at Sadler’s Wells in London.

More art in Broadgate

07. Eye-I


This towering sculpture made from brightly coloured strips of steel is an abstract sketch of a face.

13. Venus (Secret Gem)

Venus (Secret Gem)

These massive, wall mounted bronze torsos were inspired by the Venus de Milo.

Rush Hour

Rush Hour

Rush Hour resonates with most of us - it's the end of the day and we want to get home.