Bellerophon Taming Pegasus

This tangle of forms seems to stand precariously on its pedestal, as the Greek hero Bellerophon wrestles the winged horse Pegasus. Viewers crane their necks and twist from one side to another as they try to work out the epic narrative presented by the figures. For Lipchitz, this Greek legend represented the dominance of man over nature - Bellerophon, having tamed Pegasus, was sent to kill the monster Chimaera as a penance for rejecting the advances of Queen Argus. Have you worked it out yet?

Lipchitz was one of the most prominent cubist sculptors of his generation. As a teenager he moved to Paris, where he mixed with Picasso and Braque. By the time he left Paris for New York at the start of the Second World War, Lipchitz had already established an international following. Over the following decades his reputation continued to grow, culminating in major retrospective exhibitions at museums throughout the USA.

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