Colour Eclipse (Secret Gem)

Giving a modern take to ancient crafts dating back over 1,500 years, Lane exploits the strength and beauty of glass under enormous compression. In Colour Eclipse he laminated coloured lenses between sheets of ultra clear architectural glass, suspending them as a trio of overlapping shapes. Each disk contains 180 kg of poured glass and yet they seem to float in space, giving the illusion of zero gravity and suffusing the surrounding space with colour. If only we could all feel as weightless and elevated.

Lane is internationally acclaimed for his innovative glass and steel sculptures. He came to the UK in 1975 to study with Patrick Reyntiens, who had revived British stained glass traditions during the 1960s. Lane went on to study painting at the Central School of Art and Design in London. His sculptures combine incredible feats of design and engineering to produce seemingly simple yet breathtaking works. Recent commissions include Assembly Field for the National Assembly in Cardiff.

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Ganapathi and Devi by Stephen Cox at Broadgate

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Rush Hour

Rush Hour

Rush Hour resonates with most of us - it's the end of the day and we want to get home.