Poured Paint, Red, White, Red (Secret Gem)

Carrying out a thorough investigation into the physical properties of household paint, Davenport worked meticulously and methodically to create this piece and the neighbouring Poured Paint, Orange, Black, Orange. He systematically poured and dripped paint onto the prepared surfaces, before tilting each one, so that gravity and the consistency of the paint created the final compositions. His cool restraint and original technique created a pair of paintings that can give visitors a sense of déjà vu - with a red and orange twist.

Part of the Young British Artists group tutored by Michael Craig-Martin at Goldsmith’s College during the 1980s, Davenport took part in the seminal Freeze exhibition curated by Damien Hirst. Nominated for the Turner Prize in 1991, more recently he has been commissioned to create several large murals. His works feature in public collections worldwide including the Tate in London and the Dallas Museum of Art.

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