The beginner's guide to drone racing

As part of our Life Meets Tech season, on Thursday 24th and Saturday 26th August we’re hosting a first-person view (FPV) drone-racing experience in Exchange Square.

Bit baffled about what that actually entails? Well, read on to discover everything you need to know about drones.

What is a drone?
Put simply, a drone is an unmanned aircraft. Originally (and controversially) developed by the military, they’re now a booming market with research firm Gartner estimating that 3 million personal and commercial drones are set to be produced this year alone.

What do drones do?
UAVs (or unmanned aerial vehicles) are now used across industries including search and rescue, surveillance, traffic and weather monitoring and photography while personal drone sales in the US have grown by $1.3billion in the last 12 months.  

Do they need to be registered in the UK?
Not yet but soon. Owners of drones weighing over 250g will have to register their devices plus take a safety awareness test - the Department Of Transport is currently working on the legislation. In the meantime, it encourages owners to follow its new drone code here.

What’s the most popular drone?
It depends what you’re looking for - they broadly fall into three categories: camera drones, FPV racing drones and toy drones. These can vary in cost depending on camera quality, range, battery life and ease of use. Brands including DJI and Yuneec (who are hosting our drone racing experience and will be on hand to help guide you through buying a model) are names to keep an eye on.

What is FPV drone racing?
FPV (first person view) flying means that pilots only see what the drone sees. Like aerial races, competitors must race around an obstacle course completing it in the fastest time.

We’ll be hosting a beginner’s event to FPV drone racing at Broadgate on Thursday 24th and Saturday 26th August - time to buckle up!

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