Discover our Shaped By Design workshops and talks

This autumn, Broadgate invites you to immerse yourself in the topic of design and explore how it can integrate into all aspects of your life, including work, culture, thinking and architecture.

As part of our Shaped By Design campaign for the season, we have a stellar line-up of free lunchtime talks and evening workshops, which will allow you to approach ideas and creativity with a whole new perspective.

Check out the various subjects below and follow the links to sign up now. 

Wednesday 25th October: Creating A Culture Of Innovation
1pm-1.30pm, Broadgate Tower
Explore how you can develop skills and mindsets that will help you to be more open-minded and adaptive to change.
Reserve your place HERE.

Thursday 26th October: Creativity For Logical Thinkers
6pm-7.30pm, Broadgate Tower
Find the way to unleash your creative potential. Successful entrepreneur Ekaterina Solomeina teaches you how to use creative thinking to solve difficult business challenges.
Reserve your place HERE.

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