Metamorphosis will stop you in your tracks

This summer we have teamed up with Projection Artworks - a technology studio specialising in artistic creations that go beyond boundaries - to create a digital art installation like no other in Finsbury Avenue Square, which is sure to turn heads. 

As part of our Life Meets Tech campaign, we want to introduce a new perspective to our spaces at Broadgate and make passers by stop, think and interact. The result? A giant 3.5 x 3.5 meter, interactive cube made up of a combination of digital LED and static mirrored panels.

The split between a mix of media and mirrored panels will showcase beautiful visual pieces, whilst reflecting the surrounding environment of the square, and homing in on the theme of Life Meets Tech.

Metamorphosis goes live on 19th June 2017 and runs for six weeks until 28th July. During this time the cube will exhibit two digital artist’s work, each running for a three-week period, as well as a Pride takeover.

Proof by Contradiction

Firstly, digital artist Nemania Antanaskovic will display the concept ‘Proof by Contradiction,’ which bridges the gap between art and technology through the disruption of time.

What happens when technology doesn’t work? This art intends to provoke our thoughts and allows us to consider what would happen if we were unable to epend on tech as heavily as we currently do. Nem says: "This interactive piece is set to stop people in their tracks and allow them to take a moment out of their tight schedules to consider life without time.”

Pride Takes Over Metamorphosis

To celebrate Pride at Broadgate, the iconic Pride rainbow colours will takeover Metamorphosis across each face of the cube on 28th of June. The colours will animate to move out of the uniform lines shown in the flag, while smaller coloured squares will jump into the next colours section, leaving behind a small black square and ultimately following the same theme of disruption as Proof of Contradiction.

The colourful animation has been cleverly designed using coding to be ever changing, evolving and never the same. It has been made using a number of animated layers, gradients, distortion and sweeping masks to give a unique pattern on every cycle.

Visitors have the power to ‘reset Broadgate’, switching the video to play in real-time again and to realign the uniform Pride Rainbow Flag, by sending a tweet using the hashtag #BroadgateReset. They will immediately receive a reply tweet explaining what the installation represents, while experiencing the audio and visual triggers on the installation reset in front of their eyes instantly.

Broadgate Reflect

July will see renowned digital artist, Rupert Newman, transform the art on Metamorphosis with his latest piece entitled 'Broadgate Reflect'. Having previously produced spectacular animated artwork and video mapping for high-profile events around the UK and Europe, this will be a real visual treat for passers by.

To represent the spirit and hive of activity in Finsbury Avenue Square, a range of animated geometric shapes, animal prints and cutting edge designs will be displayed, interspersed with a vivid rainbow of colours that will morph fluidly into each other alongside a soothing soundtrack.

By tweeting #BroadgateReflect the designs will ripple, and the volume of the soundtrack will increase for 20 seconds, to signal that is has been disturbed. People are encouraged here to take a moment to stop, look, listen and reflect.

Explaining the thought behind his engaging concept, Rupert says: “The animated designs displayed on the cube are a stark contrast to the surrounding environment that aim to add intrigue and a splash of colour to people’s day. I encourage people to stop and reflect on the piece for a few minutes, and perhaps that will lead them on a more harmonious path that day”

The digital display aims to bring some a sense of playfulness, mindfulness and fun to Finsbury Avenue Square for people to enjoy on their way to the office or during a lunch break.

It’s a must visit for the summer of 2017 - and we want to know your reaction - share your #BroadgateReset thoughts and photos with us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @BroadgateLondon.