Fitness with Adam

As part of our Spring into Health season, we’ve tracked down some of our Broadgate experts to get advice and tips on maintaining a healthy body and mind. This month we met Adam Lackey, Health and Fitness Manager at Broadgate’s Fitness First health club to talk about fitness, work, our busy lifestyles and how to find that balance.

As well as being a committed Health and Fitness Manager, Adam is also an avid rugby player and personal trainer. Fitness is his job, but how can we make time for fitness with our busy work schedules?

Adam suggests that even with the busiest schedule, there is plenty you can do to stay fit and active - after all, exercise improves your overall productivity at work and home, so could be a worthwhile investment. From simple changes to your daily routine such as taking the stairs at the train station instead of the escalator and cycling to work to participating in specific classes and activities which deliver maximum impact in the shortest time.

There are plenty of 15, 20 and 30 minute classes that we (Fitness First) have to ensure you make the most of your time on a limited schedule. Short, intense periods of exercise are a great way to get the most of your day such as interval training with Kettlebells, treadmills and dumbbells.”

Keeping fit and healthy can help you move better, feel better, and is proven to reduce the risk of health problems later in life. It will also ensure you have more energy and feel less tired throughout the day, allowing you to be more productive at work.

So Adam has convinced us, we need to stay active, but what are the best classes to do?

Being a huge fan of freestyle classes, Adam suggests tabata is an excellent option for the time conscious City worker. Only 20-30 minutes long and using every muscle group in the body, it has maximum impact. Freestyle classes are Adam’s favourite because they allow you to move dynamically and help the body function correctly. They are all different with classes in Power, HIIT (High Intensity), Strength and Core which will definitely ensure you work hard and push you to succeed.

Want to give it a go? On Wednesday 28 May, Broadgate is hosting FREE 30 minute Abs, ViPR and tabata™ classes in Exchange Square with Fitness First. You can sign up for our Spring into Fitness event here.

If exercise isn’t your thing, don’t fear. Adam states nutrition is also key to a healthy lifestyle. By eating healthy food and controlled portions, you will reduce the risk of unnecessary fat on the body. Zumba classes, cycling and playing sports are also great ways to keep fit and many do these for enjoyment rather than for the purpose of exercise.

If you would like further information about the range of fitness classes and activities offered by Adam and the team at Fitness First, email broadgatemanager@fitnessfirst.com.