Focus on Hayes

Peter Hayes
Pylons, 1993

Focus on Peter Hayes

Each month we take a closer look at one of our Broadgate artists; this month is the turn of Peter Hayes, the artist who created Pylons, a clay twelve section piece located on the ground floor lobby of Broadwalk House.

If you're looking for travel ideas to make the most of your leisure time this year, we'd suggest you take some inspiration from ceramic artist Peter Hayes. Just back from working tours to various locations including India and Australia, Hayes is now back in his UK based studio, and is taking time to explore new artistic techniques and ideas. Located in the ground floor lobby of Broadwalk House, Pylons gives a taste of the unique multi-cultural and international flavour of this artist's oeuvre.

Totem-like, the twelve elements of Hayes grouping convey a gathering and meeting. The atmosphere produced is one of stillness and calm, patience almost, and yet there is a palpable interplay and energy between the forms. Continually fascinated by clay, and the ways in which objects can be fabricated from this material, Hayes was first introduced to ceramics whilst working as a student on an archaeological site in Wales. Citing landscapes, textures and beach combing as important influences, Hayes has evolved a unique series of processes through which he is able to produce highly polished and smooth clay works with a distinctive crackled surface. Drawn to an expansive variety of artefacts from diverse cultures, and having spent extended periods of time working alongside artists throughout the world, Hayes is keen to embrace a wide range of media and experimental techniques.

Peter Hayes was born in Birmingham and studied at Mosely School of Art and Craft and Birmingham College of Art during the 1960s. He spent the following decades advising the Commonwealth Fund and Secretariat on economic and craft development in various locations including South Africa, Nepal, India and Japan. Having undertaken various corporate and public commissions during his career, he is now based from his studio in Bath and exhibits his ceramic works widely throughout the United Kingdom.

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