Men’s grooming at Charles Worthington

Get summer holiday ready at Broadgate’s Charles Worthington Salon this month. Located just inside Virgin Active, there’s a new range of Men’s grooming services, treatments and products designed specifically for the City male.

Relieve stress with a pre-holiday 15 minute deep head massage

Perfect for that quick ease of tension in your lunch hour, Charles Worthington’s new deep head massage for both men and women is an express, stress relieving massage focusing on the back, neck & shoulder area. Cost - £15.

New Militant hairstyles

Created for the Christopher Raeburn SS15 LC:M show last month by the Charles Worthington Artistic Team, these new sharp, strong militant styles have made their way to the Broadgate Salon. Highly wearable and on trend, get ready for those holiday snaps with this new cutting edge style.

To book an appointment call 020 7638 0802 or pop in to the Broadgate salon, located just inside Virgin Active in Exchange Square.

Alternatively, re-create the look yourself with this Charles Worthington’s step-by-step guide:

Militant Crop

1. Using clippers with different guard lengths, we started by going in super clean and tight around the hairline working up to the temples.
2. Using a slightly longer guard we then buzz cut the top section keeping the look very square.
3. There was a subtle blend but essentially the length on top looked slightly longer than the side and back for a strong military look.
4. To finish, we added a little Charles Worthington All Over Gloss Spray to add a slight sheen to the hair.

Militant Grad

1. Using a 1 clipper guard we cropped into the hairlines to achieve a super tight graduation, and worked into a 2 guard, then a 3 to a heavier weight line up to the temples.
2. Using scissors we blended into the longer existing lengths on top, keeping everything very square yet impeccably sharp.
3. Removing a little weight on top by deep point cutting we proceeded to style.
4. We then applied the Charles Worthington Style Setter Styling Wax to damp hair and then used a comb to create strong side parts starting above the left temple. The hair was abruptly swept over.
5. Securing the look with a light coating of Charles Worthington Long Lasting Max Hold Spray, we finished with a fine must of Charles Worthington All Over Gloss Spray for a subtle wet look suggestion, whilst maintaining a healthy organic texture. It was important the hair didn't look crispy or rock hard; gel would have given the wrong texture. Using this cocktail of products created the most exquisite luxurious finish- secure yet perfectly mouldable.

View the full men’s grooming menu here.