Sushi in the City

Packed with fresh fish and vegetables, homemade Japanese sushi is a great choice for making sure you’re eating something nutritious. So, to help you spring into health this season, we hosted a free sushi making masterclass at K10’s Broadgate restaurant on Thursday 20 March. 

The two hour-long sessions were fully booked and were thoroughly enjoyed by everyone that attended. See what happened in our YouTube video here or check out our photots on Facebook


Fish – Low in calories and high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids, fish can help protect against a range of diseases, from cancer to heart disease. Choose white fish and oily fish like cod, sardines, pilchards, salmon and mackerel for the best benefits. 

Vegetables – Look out for sushi rolls containing vegetables as well as fish or meat to increase your intake of nutrients. K10’s popular California rolls are made with avocado, which have lots of essentials nutrients and a huge range of health benefits.

Rice – A great source of carbohydrates and protein, rice is gluten-free so perfect for those with wheat allergies. Avoid thick rice rolls to lower your calorie intake.

Nori – Edible seaweed used as a wrap for sushi, is packed with protein, fibre, iodine, iron and vitamins A, B and K.

Ginger – Aids digestion and as a natural antiseptic, boosts your immune system helping you fight colds and flu. Eat a piece of pickled ginger between dishes to reset your palate.

Wasabi – Also aids digestion and is mildly antiseptic. It also provides quite a kick to your Japanese food!

Soy sauce – Tastes incredible but is loaded with sodium, so use a small amount and mix up your sushi with a splash of ginger and wasabi instead.


K10 is a ‘kaiten’ (conveyor belt) restaurant serving high quality, homemade modern Japanese food with a modern twist. Alongside fresh sushi, sashimi and salads you will also find a range of hot dishes, including chicken and salmon katsu curries, teriyakis, tempura and chilli baby squid.

K10 do not have central kitchens or microwaves - all food is prepared and cooked in the restaurant kitchens using the freshest ingredients. Delivered daily, you will find quality Scottish salmon, grade “A” Red Tractor Farm Assured Chicken from Suffolk and 100% British beef. Great ingredients make great food.

3 Appold Street, London EC2A 2AF
Nearest tubes: Moorgate, Liverpool Street and Bank


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