Talking Statues

Some of Broadgate’s sculptures have started talking!

Hear how The Broad Family girl, written by playwright Lucy Caldwell and animated by Game of Throne’s actress Maisie Williams, loves to play statues in Exchange Square. Then head to Bishopsgate to listen to the thoughts of Eye-I, written and animated by comedian Sara Pascoe, as she watches the world go by sending her love to strangers as they hurry past.

Simply tap, type or scan your smart-phones over the signage next to sculptures to receive a call. Rush Hour in Finsbury Avenue Square will be written and animated soon by Clive Anderson, so keep an eye out for this late talker.

Download a map of Talking Statues in the City of London here. 

Writing Competition

This competition has now closed. Find out more about the winning Talking Statues Leaping Hare monologue here

Would you like to write a monologue for a Talking Statue? One of our Broadgate sculptures – the Leaping Hare near the Broadgate Circle, still awaits the gift of speech. What would he say? Enter the public writing competition to hear your script animated by a well-known actor in time for Christmas. Send your short monologue (up to 400 words) to competition@talkingstatues.co.uk by 17 October 2014.

The project – Talking Statues, has been brought to life by Arts organisation Sing London. This initiative will animate 35 statues across London and Manchester by a cast of actors and comedians, which also include Sir Patrick Stewart, Jeremy Paxman and Hugh Dennis. Using QR barcodes and near field communication (NFC) chips, there is no need to download anything – so take a closer look and see these sculptures from a different perspective.

Broadgate’s Talking Statues: 

The Broad Family
Xavier Corberó is the artist behind this impressive family. The daughter is animated by Maisie Williams, star of the TV series Game of Thrones and the monologue is written by award winning novelist Lucy Caldwell.

Almost graphic in design, this towering sculpture by British contemporary artist, Bruce McLean, is made from brightly coloured strips of steel in an abstract sketch of a face. It has been wittily brought to life by comedian Sarah Pascoe.

Rush Hour
Written and animated by TV Presenter Clive Anderson, Rush Hour is a late talker. Created by George Segal, the piece is composed of six bronze figures braving the London weather in their raincoats. 

Leaping Hare on Crescent and Bell
Barry Flanagan’s gravity defying hare has been given the gift of speech by public writing competition winner Ann Wickham. Flanagan often uses hares in his sculptures and at Broadgate the hare is leaping over the thin sliver of a crescent moon and the weighty dome of a bell. Read more about Broadgate's Late Talkers here

To see a full list of London’s Talking Statues, visit the Talking Statues website. Find out more about Broadgate's art collection here

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