Neom: Launching 23 October

NEOM is thrilled to reveal that it is opening the doors to a NEW flagship store in 100 Liverpool Street

An oasis of calm amongst the hustle and bustle, the beautiful new boutique will help you FEEL GOOD, by simply stepping inside.

A perfect physical representation of NEOM wellbeing, the store will boast their signature pastel colours, neon lighting, marble-finish fixtures, quirky signage throughout and bays that categorise each of the wellbeing ranges, guiding guests through the store for the ultimate wellbeing experience. Expertly trained NEOMologists will offer tailored recommendations on NEOM’s beautiful, natural fragrances and luxury gifting, as well as all-encompassing wellbeing advice and complementary consultations. Shoppers are encouraged to take the unique ‘Scent Discovery’ experience to discover their true underlying wellbeing need, before exploring each of the four wellbeing ranges; Sleep, De-stress, Energy and Mood Boosting.

NEOM Founder and Creative Director Nicola Elliott on the new London store:
“We are so excited to bring NEOM into the city! It’s a haven of calm; step inside and you’ll instantly feel good, we’ll make sure of that! We’ve spent a lot of time pouring over the details of this boutique, so you get the full NEOM wellbeing experience. Before you explore each of the wellbeing ranges, we encourage you to take the Scent Discovery experience - you might be surprised by the results! As well as lots of interactive touch points, our Wellbeing Experts will be on hand to provide you with advice on the small steps that can make a big difference to your wellbeing.”

NEOM’s community is placed firmly at the heart of the brand and with 2020 proving a challenging year in many ways, now more than ever it is dedicated to supporting and inspiring. The NEOM mantra “small steps, big difference” has never felt more relevant as we ease our way into the “new normal”.

A recent NEOM survey conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic revealed that, looking ahead to the future, nearly half of respondents felt they would be much more focused on their wellbeing, and their priorities had been reshaped:
- 43% agreed “I will be much more focused on my wellbeing on a day-to-day basis, managing it more proactively than before” - More than a third of NEOM’s customers are aiming to sleep more - 37% are going to focus on calming activities, and 35% on their mental health - 25% are going to re-prioritise their families and 17% are considering big life changes - 39% admitted “I would like to think I will focus on my wellbeing more but fear I will fall back into the same routine and struggle to find the time to do so”


NEOM believes self-care is not a luxury, but a necessity, and aims to help people FEEL GOOD through moments of wellbeing. They continue to expand their retail portfolio to make wellbeing and the NEOM experience even more accessible for everyone. To find out more about their store at 100 Liverpool Street, click here.


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