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Want to embrace your own wellbeing in 2020? Meet The Sessions at The Space | 3FA – a vibrant and exciting calendar of workshops and classes designed for those who work in Broadgate’s neighbourhood to learn new skills and boost their self-care. 

See below for our full calendar of events and if you have an inspired idea for a workshop then email to find out more.

The Sessions: International Women’s Day: Level Up workshop & networking event
Friday 6 March, 12-12.45pm

Find a workplace sponsor, network and discuss your worth with Now You’re Talking, a female millennial community that connects like-minded future leaders to opportunities and resources.
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The Sessions: Diversity by Design: Applying neuromarketing to achieve diversity and inclusion
Monday 9 March, 1-5pm

Using the latest discoveries and insights provided by neuroscience, learn how changes in design can lead to attracting greater diversity.
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The Sessions: 25-minute Nutrition Consultation
Friday 13 March, from 10.30am (price £11.37 - this can be redeemed against a later consultation)

Join Kelly from The Natural Balance for a bespoke session designed to investigate your health or any symptoms which are concerning you. 
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The Sessions: The power of intuition in a world obsessed with logic
Tuesday 24 March, 12.30-1.30pm

In this introductory workshop, you’ll explore what intuition actually IS (spoiler: it’s not magic); some techniques to access your own intuition; and experiment with a different way of making decisions. 

The Sessions: Life drawing class
Wednesday 25 March, 6-8pm

We're sorry to announce that we will be postponing our life drawing class in an effort to help reduce the rate of the spread of Covid-19
Join Broadgate and leading art consultancy, ARTIQ for a relaxing and informative after-work life drawing class led by a professional art tutor.

The Sessions: Power of 20 'Always have time'

We're sorry to announce that we will be postponing the 'Always have time' event in an effort to help reduce the rate of the spread of Covid-19
Discover how to reclaim your time and reboot your life with a panel of inspiring speakers. 

The Sessions: Barre Class by Box Mind
8, 14, 21 and 28 April; 12:30 – 1:30pm

If you need some help kick starting your fitness journey, join this lunchtime workout mixing ballet, pilates & yoga techniques and floor exercises designed to sculpt your body and mind.
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The Sessions: Tea Meditation Ceremony
April 16 & 28; 6-7pm (price £16.76)

T-Lovers will be hosting a unique Tea Ceremony experience to help us to slow down in the midst of our ever busy lives and help heal the mind and body.
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