Tour love-inspired art this Valentine’s Day

Want to do something that little bit different on Valentine’s week? For a lunchtime stroll or pre-dinner, discover two very different takes on the goddess of love at Broadgate by our art curator, Rosie Glenn.

The Broadgate Venus in Exchange Square

“Reclining serenely from her elevated platform is Columbian sculptor Fernando Botero’s voluptuous polished bronze nude Venus overlooking Liverpool Street Station (affording a glimpse of romance in the hustle and bustle at the heart of the city).

At five tonnes, Broadgate Venus is one of Botero's most opulent pieces and her generous curves are ever popular with passers-by, art students and couples, many of whom pose for a photograph alongside this iconic vision.”

East End Venus at 155 Bishopsgate reception

“Inspired by the famous Ancient Greek sculpture of Aphrodite, Venus de Milo, now located at the Louvre in Paris, Venus’s forms are a recurring theme in American artist Jim Dine's work.

As with the celebrated original, Dine's perfectly proportioned figure symbolises female fertility and embodies romance and beauty. One of the most significant artists of his generation, Jim Dine has a solo presentation in Paris at the Centre Georges Pompidou opening 14 February to 23 April. The perfect place for a romantic second date..."


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