Artist’s Profile
Marta Rogoyska

“You have to be 20 times more alert, 20 times more intelligent and 20 times harder on yourself than in painting, so that you don't bloody well unpick what has taken you two days to do if it’s wrong.” Marta Rogoyska

Outspoken and passionate about weaving, Rogoyska studied Fine Art at Leeds University then Tapestry at London's Royal College of Art during the 1970s and, as a result, Rogoyska's oeuvre combines both disciplines. While her designs are strong and contemporary, her Gobelins-style classical weaving is traditional and long-established.

Rogoyska has spent periods of extended study at Europe's most celebrated tapestry houses in England, France, Poland and Germany with pieces displayed in UK’s Craft Council and the Museum of Modern Art in Kyoto. She’s now based in California.

Photography courtesy Marta Rogoyska

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