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Broadgate Connect: our local recruitment and training programme

Broadgate Connect is British Land’s employment and training partnership with charity East London Business Alliance (ELBA).

It helps Broadgate’s businesses, partners and customers to source, train and mentor local candidates for free, and offers East London residents training, coaching, work placements and job opportunities at the leading brands who are part of Broadgate’s diverse neighbourhood.

With roles spanning everything from landscaping, engineering and surveying to retail, hospitality and marketing, it has connected over 400 residents in Hackney and Tower Hamlets with employment opportunities.

“I was applying for two jobs a day and never received replies or feedback. Every piece of advice I received from Chantell increased my chances; her pep talks made me believe I could get the job,” explains Glenn, who’s now a handyman for Broadgate Estates.

“When I received the job offer, I could not stop smiling. I’m proud to say I’m a handyman; each day brings a different problem to solve which I enjoy. My future looks much brighter – brighter than I could have imagined.”

Contact us

If you’re a business or a Hackney or Tower Hamlets resident, find out more about how Broadgate Connect can transform your future.

Contact Musa Bukenya on 07939 607200 or via [email protected].