Broadgate Heroes

We want to introduce you to some of the people that are keeping Broadgate going. They are working tirelessly in many roles to ensure that the neighbourhood is a safe place to visit during this time. These are our heroes and over the next few weeks, we will be sharing their stories.



What is your job title at Broadgate, and what are you responsible for? 
I’m a Control Room Supervisor in the main security control room at Broadgate. I am responsible for the day to day running of the control room and along with the Area Supervisor and our colleagues, all working together to ensure the neighbourhood runs smoothly and safely. This usually involves monitoring CCTV, access control systems, patrolling the public spaces and responding to any alarm activations, working closely with the emergency services, including City of London Police. 

How has your job role changed throughout the pandemic?
My role hasn't really changed during the pandemic, however it has been busier with less manpower, that said, the team I work with are great and we support each other. 

Has the pandemic affected your personal life?
Yes, I am originally from South Wales and I hadn’t been able to visit my family since Christmas 2019 until around 3 weeks ago, so I went nearly 8 months without seeing family and friends.

We hear you've volunteered to support the community recently, tell us more about it. 
Yes, as the country was going into lockdown, I decided to volunteer my services and work at NHS Nightingale with Wilson James (Broadgate’s Security Service Partner) along with a couple of my colleagues from the Broadgate team. With the neighbourhood being quieter, I didn’t want to just sit at home, when I knew the NHS was under a tremendous amount of pressure. So, myself, Ana Nicoara, Rabin Magar, Ajay Rayamji, and Glen Wilson decided to help out. We were part of a wider Wilson James security team who came from various sites located in and around London to help keep all NHS staff, equipment and stock safe, leaving them to focus on caregiving. We also worked closely with the logistic team who dealt with all the stock deliveries. It was an interesting few weeks and I formed fantastic relationships in what was a very uncertain time. 


What do you do?
I am a Multi-Skilled Engineer working in The Broadgate Tower. My primary role is working with occupied services within the building. Completing various reactive tasks and prep-planned maintenance to ensure the M&E equipment runs smoothy and is compliant.

How job role has changed since (e.g. redeployment/extra hours)
My job role hasn't changed as such, however redeployment of work has been challenge due to the risk involved.

Has the pandemic affected your personal life?
So far we have been lucky enough at home to be safe and have not had to make any major sacrifices in isolating from each other. My partner is currently furloughed so she's spending more time at home.

Why you feel your role is important?
I believe our role in facilities is vital to the building’s operation. We need to ensure the buildings around Broadgate are maintained to a high-standard, so when those who work at Broadgate return to their offices, they have a safe and functioning building to work in.

Anything else you want to add
I would like to thank all Broadgate teams including Cleaners, Security, Facilities and any others who are still working throughout lockdown. I would also like to thank all management throughout Broadgate who have been very understanding and helpful, handling an unprecidented situation very well. 


What do you do?
I am a supervisor for Broadgate.

How job role has changed since the start of the Coronavirus outbreak?
We are all working well together with fewer people and our job has become more integrated.

Has the pandemic affected your personal life?
I had some time working on personal projects and have started new hobbies, I’m fine staying at home but I'm sometimes worried about people that are suffering because of the disease.

Why you feel your role is important?
I think it is important to maintain Broadgate's great appearance for both those who work at and visit the neighbourhood, to ensure it's always a clean and welcoming environment



What do you do?
I am a Waste and Recycling Team Supervisor.

How has your job role has changed since?
My shifts have changed to Mondays and Thursday for a shorter period of time as there is less waste to collect, plus we now use additional PPE, plus social distancing in place so our team communicate from a distance. 

Has the pandemic affected your personal life?
I have not been sleeping well due to overthinking and worrying about family and friends. As both myself and my wife were deemed key workers during the pandemic, we had to make the decision who would stay home to look after our sons which has caused some anxiety.
I feel it's important to look at the positives in times like these, mine are being able to spend more time with family at home and more time for exercise including bike rides.

Why you feel your role is important?
It is important because even during the pandemic waste will be generated which needs to be managed to ensure Broadgate always looks its best and we maintain our recycling standards. The other supervisor in my team was deemed high-risk so I've been vital in covering his workload so he can safely shelter at home. 

Anything else you want to add?
I want to thank Broadgate for how they handled the pandemic, allowing us to rotate staff easily and giving us the space and freedom to ensure we're safe whilst at work.  


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