Broadgate Heroes - Samuel Gooding

Multi Skilled Engineer


What do you do

I am an engineer working in The Broadgate Tower. My primary role is working with occupied services within the building. Completing various reactive tasks and Pre Planned Maintenance to ensure the smooth running of their M&E equipment and that they are compliant.


How job role has changed since (e.g. redeployment/extra hours)

My job role hasn't changed as such but redeployment to work is a challenge due to the risk involved but to ensure we get through these tough times we are all making sacrifices to ensure we come out of the other side and we will continue to do so as everyone in the team would do.


Has the pandemic affected your personal life: (e.g. isolating from partner etc)

So far we have been lucky enough at home that we are safe and have not had to make any major sacrifices in isolating from each other, We always make sure we are safe with washing our hands regularly after being outside whether that is at work or essential shopping trips. My partner is on a furlough scheme which gives her time at home and making sure we are all safe is important.


Why you feel your role is important/why are you still coming to work/remaining open

I believe our role in facilities is vital to the building’s operation. Once we are through these strange times and we return to normal we need to ensure that the buildings around Broadgate are maintained to a working standard and beyond, preparing for normality and also keeping the buildings operational and compliant is paramount.


Anything else you want to add

I would like to thank all of the Broadgate staff including all aspects (Cleaners, Security, Facilities and any others who are still working during these times) I would also like to thank all management throughout Broadgate who have been very understanding and helpful in dealing with the situation. Thank you again.