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199 Bishopsgate

199 Bishopsgate is located on the north-eastern corner of the Broadgate campus, neighbouring Spitalfields and Shoreditch. Designed by Buckley Gray Yeoman, the extensive refurbishment of the building has brought our customers to the focal point through delivery of a reimagined reception with collaborative lounge, enhanced end of journey facilities, a roof terrace and 57,751 sq ft of sustainable workspace.

Building Features


167 bike racks,
17 showers,

167 lockers

2.75m floor to ceiling
height on all floors

Occupational Density
1:10 sq m per person

Circa 80% carbon saving vs
industry average benchmark
for new developments


Targeting ‘Excellent’

Gold WiredScore rating

221 tonnes carbon saving
through retaining the
existing access flooring

A clearly identified program
taking the building to
Net Zero by 2029

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