3 ways you could volunteer at Broadgate

Read on to discover how you can volunteer for even a few hours each month at Broadgate.

1. Become a Charity Trustee

“Business volunteers help the senior team by advising on the strategic direction, setting overall policy, defining goals and setting targets as well as reviewing performance against agreed targets. They bring fresh perspectives and have skills we need.” Jake Ferguson, Chief Executive, Hackney CVS

There are thousands of charities in East London delivering much-needed support, care and services to some of the poorest communities in the UK.

People who can bring business experience, strategy deliverance and strong governance to a charity’s Board can significantly influence the organisation’s capacity to counteract poverty, provide life-changing initiatives and deliver real change to individuals, families and businesses. Becoming a trustee could be the vital support an organisation needs to flourish and transform our local communities while developing crucial new professional skills. 

Want to know more?

Please contact Jonathan.Tait@elba-1.org.uk

2. Mentors wanted for ELBA’s Executive Partnerships Programme

“A few hours of your time each month can actually have a tremendous impact on an individual or business.” Mark Collins, Retail Manager, Broadgate

ELBA’s Executive Partnerships programme pairs senior figures from small East London charities with business professionals for one-to-one coaching/mentoring relationships. During the year-long programme, you’ll meet with your partner for one hour per month, supporting them to overcome challenges and develop new professional skills.

Whatever your background, experience, knowledge, ELBA is uniquely placed to find you the perfect mentoring opportunity.

Something as simple as being sounding board for people’s ideas can help to bring  ideas into motion. Similarly, bringing business skills such as project planning, presentation and financial projecting could help a fledgling charity or social enterprise to fly.

Becoming an Executive Partner is an incredibly rewarding volunteering opportunity with volunteers routinely reporting that they’ve got just as much out of the experience as the charities they’re supporting. From gaining insight into new sectors to contributing to tangible change, it’s a role that gives a real sense of satisfaction.


Please contact Jonathan.Tait@elba-1.org.uk

3. Share your business skills

“I’ve been a major beneficiary of education which, in return, has opened my eyes to many different things – I felt it was time that I gave something back to the community.” Charles Middleton, Head of Taxation, British Land

From finance to planning, project management to sustainability, your areas of expertise could help to transform the long-term planning of East London charities and voluntary organisations. While the voluntary sector has a wealth of talent leading initiatives, specialised knowledge of areas that affect their strategic planning, budgets and logistics are utterly invaluable.

By volunteering with ELBA your specialist knowledge could make a huge difference while giving you expanded experience, insights and a real sense of accomplishment.

Get involved!

Please contact Jonathan.Tait@elba-1.org.uk

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