This month's volunteering opportunities

If you’re a Broadgate resident, you may be able to access some of the following volunteering opportunities.*

Alternatively, if you’re interested in joining ELBA then please contact *Opportunities will be offered on a needs basis and will be at the discretion of ELBA staff.


Online career journey talks in Black History Month
Want to support students on their future career choices and inspire them to aim high? This is your chance to inspire east London students and introduce them to your job and industry by sharing your own career journey. These short virtual career talks will help to raise the aspirations of young people who go to school/college in East London, as well as giving them an idea of what it’s like to work in your particular professional industry. This will be an interactive presentation, to give students a chance to engage, ask questions and practice their employability skills online. We are currently looking for Black speakers that can help inspire and engage students during Black History Month this October.

Insight Sessions for BAME students
We are looking for affinity groups who can lead on Insight Sessions specifically for BAME students. These virtual Insight Sessions will involve yourself and colleagues sharing your career journey, overview of your industry and sharing insights and motivations behind your affinity network. Dates are flexible and ELBA will provide guidance, materials and support to help make this an impactful experience. 

Join the Professional Encounters series with School 21
Can you inspire a group of Y10 & Y12 students in a virtual setting sharing your career? School 21 in Stratford is hosting a series of Professional Encounters with professionals from different industries to help inspire their students future career choices. Professional Encounters are casual career talks where you will give insight to your role and career background and answer questions from students. This is a great way to develop your own communication and leadership skills and help keep students motivated in their studies by providing them with a snapshot of how a professional life looks.This will take place every Tuesday from 14:00-15:00, beginning 15th September and running until December. ELBA will provide you with the necessary resources.

Host a virtual Insight Session for University Students
Would you like to inspire the next generation of employees and support them as they plan their next steps in this strange new world? With many students having their work placements cancelled and career prospects looking uncertain, opportunities to connect with and hear from volunteers are crucial. We are specifically looking for insight sessions / teams that can showcase insights into the following industries: Health, Hospitality, Aviation & Media amongst others. The session can be focused on your industry or company, with ELBA providing guidance, materials and support to help make this an impactful experience. Dates and times are flexible, ideally in Nov or Feb. 

Insight Sessions for East London schools
Want to inspire secondary school students about careers and give them an insight to the world of work? Sign up to this career insight session and share your career journey from education into employment and help students develop their employability skills. This will be an interactive session online for a small group of students and volunteers. ELBA will help host the session and connect you with the teacher and students as well as provide you with a session guide. This is a great opportunity to help inspire a group of students and develop their employability skills. .

Back on Track: Speakers helping disadvantaged students
We know that in normal times, disadvantaged students are stuck behind their peers academically - a full 18 months behind. This was before COVID-19, in which time these disadvantaged students would not have engaged with at home learning for a number of reasons. We are looking for virtual speakers who can share how they use Science, Tech, English or Maths in their role, we will then link this with school subject leaders, focusing on re-engaging and re-motivating students to see where these skills and knowledge can take them. These will be one hour slots during the school day, organised with yourselves and the school teachers.

Freshers Fair - but virtual!
Attend a virtual Freshers fair and engage with college students who may be thinking about the next stage of their journey. Newham College is a two-campus further education institution, with the majority of students taking up courses into vocational career paths and alternative ways into employment, such as apprenticeships. Newham College is looking for friendly volunteers to help to support the fair by giving insight into their company, outlining apprenticeship schemes, support-type services and potential part-time jobs that would be available to their students. Does this sound like your company? We would love to have you to represent your organisation. This is a fantastic opportunity to inspire the next generation of local east London students and educate them on opportunities available to them.


Host a mock telephone interview to improve technique for job seekers

Our social enterprise recruitment arm, London Works, is seeking volunteers to host a 30-minute mock interview with their candidates. They are ideally seeking HR professionals or those with experience of interviewing candidates and giving feedback. The candidates are due to complete a real telephone interview for a position as a Financial Claims Advisor, and they will be interviewed on their company knowledge, relevant skills and 3 key competencies: Impact, Relationships and Accountability. The candidates’ answers from the mock interview will be scribed and compared with answers from successful candidates, combined alongside your invaluable interview feedback, to give them beneficial and useful feedback.


Establish meaningful relationships through East London Cares’ Social Club
East London Cares is a brand new community network of young professionals and older neighbours hanging out and helping one another in our rapidly changing city. Join an East London Cares virtual Social Club, and get to know a neighbour in your community. At Virtual Social Clubs, volunteers and older neighbours come together to share time on Zoom, while participating in a fun activity - whether that be a Desert Island Discs party, recipe sharing club, or chair yoga. Volunteers can choose the activitie(s) they will be hosting, or East London Cares can help with picking one. There will also be some time for volunteers to chat one on one with their neighbours. 65% of the people East London Cares works with count The Cares Family networks as their only form of social connection, so, connecting with volunteers on Zoom at a Virtual Social Club is hugely important - by joining one of our clubs and chatting to our neighbours, you are providing a vital point of connection during this time of crisis.

  • Number of volunteers: Max. 10, time: One-off, about 2 hours
  • Cost: £1000 per session
  • Please contact for more information

Volunteer with Royal Docks Community and Learning Centre
RDLAC was established in 1968 and is celebrating 52 years in the Community this year! The center is home to many intercultural and intergeneration groups. They promote diversity by bringing together people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The center also supports those who endeavour to make the Royal Docks area a stronger, healthierand happier place to live. Since the beginning of lockdown, RDLAC has kept their members engaged through virtual events;  from virtual Coffee Mornings, Virtual Art Clubs for over 50’s, to free workout classes. RDLAC has also kept its community fed through a foodbank and cooking workshops.

Volunteers are invited to support RDLAC through these volunteering opportunities:

Create how-to videos
Create a 3-10 minute ‘How To’ video, in which you share your expertise on a subject. The videos will be uploaded onto RDLAC activity hub and can be a one-offs or a series. Volunteers are encouraged to teach the community something new like “How to make a strong LinkedIn profile”, “How to write a good CV” or “How to propagate plants”. The community is varied and ranges from families, children, seniors and over 50’s to professionals and job seekers. Pick your audience(s) and get creative! For inspiration, click here

  • Team size: 1 to 3 volunteers 
  • Estimated time: Up to an hour (including preparation)
  • Please contact

Facilitate a Social Club over Zoom
RDLAC hosts regular Social Clubs in which its members come together and engage in a variety of activities. Volunteers are welcomed to host activities like indoor scavenger hunts, virtual mocktail making or storytelling. Participants and volunteers come together in a Zoom meeting, and after participants have picked their activity, they will be split out into breakout rooms. You can volunteer as an individual, or with your team of up to 10 people and host several activities. It is up to the volunteer(s) to decide on the activity and how much preparation work they would like to put into it.

Participate or host a cook-along
Would you like to finally learn how to make paella or a traditional Caribbean curry? This is your opportunity! During the cook-along you and a team of up to 5 participants will learn a new dish over Zoom from RDLAC’s community chef. Your team can pick the dish they would like cook, or the chef can pick a dish for you. Prior to the workshop, a list of ingredients will be shared which you will purchase. During the workshop, the chef will demonstrate step by step how to cook the dish. A session usually lasts about 90 minutes, including time to eat the dish together over Zoom. 

Rather host a cook-along? If you are keen to share your signature dish with the RDLAC members, RDLAC would like to welcome you to host a cook-along. The principle is the same as following a cook-along, only for this opportunity, you will be in charge!

  • Team size: Up to 5 volunteers, estimated time: Up to two hours (including prep)
  • Cost: £20 per head – Cost will go towards the foodbank
  • Contact Amadiora Emechete,

Host a Coffee Morning
Every Monday morning, RDLAC hosts a Coffee Morning for its members at 11am. It is an opportunity to chitchat, meet new people and be social. Volunteers are welcomed to just join in or choose and host a theme or topic for the coffee morning. It is a great way to help reducing feelings of isolation for some people that are still shielding.

Host a workshop
RDLAC is looking for volunteers to host classes or workshops. This can be something in
your expertise like computer classes for elderly, coding for kids, arts or even a workout class.
(Almost) anything is possible and creative ideas are very much welcomed!


Help a women’s organisation update their business plan in response to Covid-19
account3 provides practical, emotional, physical and social support and access to resources for women facing disadvantage in east London. Due to the impact of Covid-19 on their funding streams, account3 is looking for support with reconfiguring their business plan. They are looking for a volunteer with business planning and finance knowledge to help them review and update their business plan and identify how to account for the loss of their usual self-generated income. 

Lend your filmmaking skills to a Tower Hamlets community organisation 
Island House is a community hub offering free services to the local community and wider Tower Hamlets area. One of their services is called Community Parents and provides one-to-one support and group activities to pregnant women and new parents living in Tower Hamlets. Community Parents are looking to make a short film as part of a fundraising/advertising campaign and are in need of some technical support. They are looking for a volunteer who can provide some basic training on putting together a professional looking short film, bringing together content from different audio and visual media. They are keen for the volunteer to provide guidance as they make their first film, so they can then create successive ones themselves. 

Use your business skills to support budding entrepreneurs - female volunteer needed!
The Working Well Trust is a mental health charity that assists east Londoners to achieve their recovery goals through training and employment support. They are seeking volunteers to provide occasional, one-to-one supportive advice to clients pursuing self employment or small business enterprises in a range of industries including HR, retail, design and marketing, food, sports, and the arts. Volunteer support might include brainstorming and troubleshooting, helping develop business plans, sharing industry specific expertise and signposting to networking opportunities. The time commitment is flexible, depending on the needs of the client and the volunteer. This is a fantastic opportunity to share your knowledge and make a big difference to those starting their own businesses. Although open to anyone interested, Working Well Trust is looking for a female volunteer to mentor one of the women they are working with.  

IT professional needed to help charity resolve website issue
Positively UK provides peer-led support, advocacy and information to everyone living with HIV to effectively manage any aspect of their diagnosis, care and life with HIV. Last year the charity rebuilt its website, but they are experiencing challenges with the speed of the platform they are using. They are looking for a volunteer with IT experience to help them look at the issue and advise on possible solutions. This is a great opportunity for someone with experience in building or running websites to help a charity connect with their supporters and beneficiaries effectively. The time commitment is anticipated to be less than half a day. 

Support community organisations to build diverse, inclusive organisational cultures 
We are seeking Diversity and Inclusion specialists to deliver a series of ‘lunch & learn’ style remote workshops for community partners. Example topics; valuing diversity in the workplace, understanding unconscious bias at work, what it means to be an effective ally, managing micro-aggressions in the workplace, disability at work, what is intersectionality and why does it matter? This opportunity is perfect for an individual/team of volunteers who want to deliver a high impact session to multiple organisations. The sessions will be up to an hour long, each covering one or two topics. We are hoping to launch one session each month, starting in September. 


We remain committed to supporting the Black community both through our own initiatives and via our robust partnerships with many of the regions Black and BAME led and/or focused organisations. The below volunteering and partnership opportunities have been curated specifically for ELBA members and supporters wishing to increase their support for black and BAME communities locally:

Career Insights
Targeted at young people (18+) and adults of working age, career insights are a great way of raising awareness about jobs and careers for under-represented groups. We are looking for volunteers who can share their career stories, including:

• Providing an overview of your role, company and sector
• Discussing your career journey
• Highlighting any challenges you may have overcome to achieve your current position
• What are the key skills needed to succeed in your role and where your career path could lead

Career insights can be conducted as a 30-minute online session with a group of beneficiaries or pre-recorded to be shared as part of an employment workshop.
Dates: Ongoing.
For more information, contact:

Job Shadowing (post Covid-19) / Digital Job Shadowing (NOW)
What many candidates really need is work experience. Job shadowing can be less formal than work experience but still provides a fantastic opportunity to observe and better understand the inner workings of a corporate environment. It allows participants to explore careers and get a realistic picture of the daily tasks, plus the skills and experience needed. 
• Provide candidates with a tangible opportunity to learn new skills and gain valuable
experience of a role and organisation
• Provide candidates with an understanding of the role which will in turn improve their ability to articulate transferable skills at future job interviews
• Expand the candidates’ professional network

Dates: Ongoing.
For more information, contact:

Mentoring is a rewarding way of supporting an individual by sharing personal/professional experiences, advising, coaching and motivating. It can also be a great way for individuals to receive informal career guidance; playing a vital part in helping people to reach their personal and professional goals. We are looking volunteers to become mentors who are specifically interested in:
• Sharing knowledge, skills and experience to help candidates advance
• Providing advice to candidates on their chosen career path

We would ask all mentors to commit to a minimum of monthly contact for 6 months.
Dates: Ongoing.
For more information, contact:

Are you a Black/BAME Affinity network member within your organisation?
There are a number of ways that you can support the local community and crucial support organisations. Please get in touch to join our fast-growing network of Black/BAME
professionals adding value locally.  

Dates: Ongoing.
For more information, contact:

Employability Skill Seminars
Employability seminars can help introduce new concepts, raise awareness and help individuals gain knowledge in subject areas and skills that advance their careers. They can also provide a platform for individuals to network, build professional relationships, find out about new opportunities and develop new skills. We are looking for volunteers who are interested in:
• Creating and / or delivering workshops that enhance employment and employability skills
• Showcasing a particular company or sector
• Talking about ‘early careers’ opportunities and providing helpful hints and tips for applicants

Dates: Ongoing.
For more information, contact:

Through our consistent work of helping local communities into the world of employment, we’ve realised that a lot of black talent goes unrecognised due to their socio-economic background, resulting in the lack of exposure to commercial internship opportunities that are on offer. We actively encourage you consider engaging young black talent now to get them started on the career ladder to enable bi-lateral growth for both parties. These opportunities offer a concrete foundation to raise candidates’ aspirations and self-esteem, giving them vital exposure, growth and experience, and providing a marked difference on their CV when applying for roles. 

To find out more about our internship programmes, please contact:

London Works – Diversity Recruitment 
If you’re seeking to improve the diversity within your teams, please do contact us, as at London Works we can source ethnically diverse talent through being a social enterprise that functions as the commercial recruitment arm of ELBA. We’re already assisting organisations; corporate or otherwise, to help add diversity to their teams via lateral recruitment and bespoke programmes, like our highly successful Student Associate programme, and our graduate schemes that enable you to capture entry-level talent that’s marked for the boardroom.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you to support the black community into employment, please get in touch with us at

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