Island Poké

Island Poke has now re-opened for delivery via Deliveroo and walk in custom

Aloha, peace, love, introducing Island Poké.

"Give colleagues severe lunch envy" Time Out

Their passion is serving fresh, exciting and vibrant fast food and livening up your day whilst they're at it. Poké (pronounced po-keh) bowls are the ever-evolving modern take on the traditional Hawaiian dish of marinated raw fish served over rice with delicious toppings.

Along with the food, you'll experience ultimate Hawaiian vibes with their adpoted laid-back style, cocktails on tap and upbeat music. Visit to be transported to an island state of mine with every mouthful of their fresh dishes.


42 Broadgate Circle
Menu of Island Poké
Study this guide to BesPoké bowls and create the greatest mix of food ever (or ask about their guest bowls from acclaimed chefs).