The Body Balance Clinic

Osteopathy and beauty

From exercise warriors to stressed-out deskbound bodies, The Body Balance Clinic specialises in natural solutions to treat, resolve and prevent pain in your back and body. They offer osteopathy, deep tissue massage, movement correction and postural alignment and relaxation therapies for goal-orientated results.

The Body Balance Clinic's signature Align7 programme offers pain-free back solutions by improving spinal mobility, flexibility and core control. Their sports and event massage prevents niggles, strains and sprains whether its for your gym workout, a fun run or the podium.

Enjoy a better quality of wellbeing in your everyday life with their bespoke relaxation therapies. They use handcrafted essential oils from their ‘we love massage’ skin care range with: aromatherapy, cranial-sacral, hot stone massage, reflexology and chakra balancing. Homeopathy and nutrition achieves a higher state of wellness.

Contact them on 020 7256 7206; email or book online at


1 Broadgate Circle

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