Broadgate's 'how to' masterclass series with Chris Hardy

This March and April we continue Broadgate's 'how to' masterclass series, this time with Chris Hardy, designed to improve your performance in all aspects of life. 

Held in The Space | 3FA, our exciting events hub locate in Finsbury Avenue Square, these group classes will help you thrive at home and in your work environment, from managing your inbox better and de-stressing in the office, to building resilience and finding a balance with technology. 

Delivered by by Chris Hardy, these classes are open exclusively to those who work in our buildings at Broadgate. Chris is a professional leadership and personal coach who will help you on to the journey of building a career you love. With 7 years' experience of coaching the likes of senior executives to professional artists, GPs to entrepreneurs, Chris is committed to help others grow, professionally, personally and spiritually. 

14 March, 1-2pm
How resilience
Resilience has become a buzzword but what exactly does it mean, why is it important, and most importantly - how can you cultivate it? Join us to explore the role of resilience, why it's crucial for happy and successful careers and find out how you can boost your own levels. During this workshop you will learn why practices including mindfulness, maintaining healthy boundaries, dealing with email overload or becoming skilled at self-reflection will all enhance your resilience. You will also gain an understanding of how your attitude and perceptions can play an important part of your road to becoming a healthy and more resilient person. 
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21 March, 1-2pm
How to...practice mindfulness
Mindfulness is a simple practice of becoming aware of and focused in the present moment. In our fast-paced, technology focused world it is an essential skill to help you feel calmer and more grounded. Numerous studies have shown that being mindful helps to reduce stress and improves focus and creativity. During this workshop Chris will guide you through practices like focusing on your breath, or the sensations in your body, to destress and foster a calm mind and resilient attitude. You will leave the workshop with the confidence and skills to start your own daily practice whilst at home, on your daily commute or in the office, enabling you to respond to the challenges of the modern working world from a place of balance and inner peace. 
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28 March, 1-2pm
How to...find balance with technology
Join us to learn how to live in balance with today's technology so you can reap the benefits without suffering the costs. Technology gives us freedom, connects us across the globe and provides us access to a world of information, however our if use is not regulated it can be easy to develop an unhealthy reliance on our favourite gadgets. A recent study has suggested on average we use technology for 24 hours in a single week, which can interfere with relationships and sleep causing us to be more irritable and unstable in daily life. In this workshop you will learn how to create healthy boundaries with your technology that work for you, with tips on changing smart phone settings, breaking negative habits of addictive use and more. At the end of the class you'll leave with a personal action plan to reduce unnecessary use and get the most from your technology, just when you need it.  
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4 April, 1-2pm
How to...achieve focus in a distracted world
Join us to understand how to break away from distraction and constant stimulation to live and work with greater sense of calm, ease and focus. Living in a fast-paced modern city, with endless opportunities and choices to make and a world of entertainment to distract us, it's never been more important to unplug and recharge from time to time. In this session Chris will teach you guidelines, tools and practical ways of living and working to ensure you create yourself space to allow your full attention to be on work and creative tasks in hand, ultimately over time, supporting your personal and professional growth. 
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11 April, 1-2pm
How to...master your inbox
Does your inbox cause you sleepless nights? Are you creating more hassle, less productivity and more stress through bad habits? In this workshop, Chris will teach you how to regain control of your inbox to reduce overwhelming feelings of anxiety and burn-out. He will focus how to implement good and maintainable practices to help you on your way to becoming a master of your emails, instead of the servant, which will allow you to focus on your day-to-day role and responsibilities. You will leave the workshop with a toolkit of resources to support enhanced prioritisation and time management creating greater feelings of ease and contentment within the office. 
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18 April, 1-2pm
How to...harness the skill of self-reflection
Self-reflection is a powerful and simple technique that, when done correctly, will increase your flexibility, productivity, creative and happiness. Self-Reflection helps you to focus on the positive, take stock of the growth you’re making, make quality plans for the future, focus on your goals and celebrate who you are. This workshop will help you kick-start a new habit of self-reflection by sharing cutting edge, and (almost) fool proof habit building techniques. Chris will explore the benefits of journaling and self-coaching as forms of reflection, you’ll understand why using a pen and paper makes a significant difference in your self-reflection practice and how being creative can enhance the benefits. You’ll leave with personalised practices that will best fit your work and personal life, to increase your overall happiness and development. 
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25 April, 1-2pm
How in the office
Work related stress, anxiety and depression now accounts for over half of work days lost due to illness in the UK. With technology meaning we’re always connected and the boundaries between work and home blurring, we’re in even greater need of practices that will help us de-stress. This workshop will teach you how to restore your body to a state of calm using five discrete techniques that can be done at your desk without anybody noticing. You’ll also learn a short meditative exercise that takes less than 90 seconds. The techniques help to reduce cortisol levels, provide feelings of safety and security and give your body a chance to relax, whilst your mind becomes calm. 
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Weekly from 14 March, 1-2pm

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