Broadgate's 'how to' masterclass series with Jon Prince

Introducing Broadgate's 'how to' masterclass series, designed to improve your performance in all aspects of your life.

Held in our new and exciting events hub, The Space | 3FA, these group workshops will help you thrive in all aspects of your life, from managing your time better, stop contemplating the meaning of life and putting off that task, to making decisions, setting goals and feeling more confident.  

Delivered by Jon Prince, former professional poker player and psychologist, these sessions are exclusively for those who work in the buildings at Broadgate.

Having spent eight years travelling the world for poker, Jon perfected the art of staying focused and motivated even in the face of challenge. Now a fully trained psychologist, his passion is to motivate, educate and inspire. 

24 January, 1-2pm
How to...stop procrastinating and get stuff done 
Spending too much time avoiding what you should be doing? Find out why and learn to stop. Jon will help you stay focussed, and come up with an action plan to achieve more in less time. 
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31 January, 1-2pm
How more confident in uncertain situations
Stop sabotaging your own success and feel bold in any situation. Learn about imposter syndrome and break the barriers holding you back.
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7 February, 1-2pm
How to... be more assertive and increase your influence
Find your voice and feel confident to say what mean. Gain the respect of your colleagues and increase the influence you have. You'll feel great and able to ask for what you want. 
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14 February, 1-2pm
How to...become a more efficient decision maker
It's so easy to overthink decisions for fear of being wrong. Come to this class and learn how to stop doubting yourself, you'll save so much time.
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21 February, 1-2pm
How to...find work life balance to increase your energy
Discover what balance means and how to find your optimal level, in order to increase your energy. In this session you will learn how to set healthy boundaries with your time and discover how less is more when it comes to productivity.
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28 February, 1-2pm
How to...set & achieve your personal goals
Learn the key to making your goals a priority, by following a simple goal setting strategy for success. We’ll also look at how to stay on course when you don't feel like it, ensuring that your motivation remains and success is achieved.
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Every Thursday, 1-2pm

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