Craft & Contemporary Design in London

Broadgate's autumn season, Shaped By Design, celebrates the best in creativity, artistry and inspiration. As part of our free art programme, we're excited to present Craft & Contemporary Design curated by Sarah Myerscough at the Ground Floor of 201 Bishopsgate.  

Formed through environmentally aware practices, each artwork and furniture item has been created through traditional hand-crafting skills.

Featuring works by: 
Christian Burchard - the sculptor's early focus was on furniture and interiors, but gradually shifted to woodturning and sculpture, moving between vessel oriented forms and sculptural turning. 

Helen Carnac - a maker, curator and academic who lives and works in London. Drawing, mark-making, the explicit connections between material, process and maker and an emphasis on deliberation and reflection are all central to her practice as a maker and thinker.  

Ernst Gamperl - the sculptor's receptacles employ minimalistic, archaic forms and surfaces to bring out the beauty of the wood with compelling effect.  

David Gates - London-born London-based Gates combines studio furniture-making with formal research. His work is exhibited and collected internationally.  

Eleanor Lakelin - a British artist, creating vessels and sculptural objects in wood. Her distinctive forms are created in response to the passage of time etched into the fibres of the material.  

Peter Marigold - the artist's most recent design project Bleed is a series of contemporary cedar wood cabinets. Although simple forms, the surface patina is painterly and complex and incorporates a form of ‘localised ebonising’ created through an entirely innovative process.  

Gareth Neal with Zaha Hadid - Neal specialises in the production of unique pieces, which are exclusively designed for individual clients and companies. In 2014, Neal worked as part of The Wish List project which brings together architects and designers for a unique collaboration. Gareth was paired with the late architect Zaha Hadid, with the brief being to create some form of tableware made from wood.  

Jim Partridge - His particular trademark is the scorching and waxing of unseasoned green timber, which emphasises the texture of the grain. These works brings together key examples of the artist's domestic vessels and bowls. 

Michael Peterson - Peterson’s work has evolved from turning bowls on a lathe to his current, monumental sculptures inspired by the geographic environment of the Pacific Northwest. Peterson’s organic abstract pieces are powerful in their artistic grasp of sculptural form and expressive texture.   

Marc Ricourt - Ricourt sources the material for his organic wood objects from the bucolic surroundings in which he lives, translating nature into sculpture. He initially turns local wood on the lathe, intricately carves and then treats the surfaces, through bleaching, dying or an application of ferrous oxide, to create beautifully complex and idiosyncratic works of art.  

Nic Webb - his making is both traditional and experimental, producing work that he expresses to elemental forces and happenings that are beyond the maker's control. 

To ensure each of access on arrival please confirm your visit in advance with Broadgate’s Art Curator, Rosie Glenn 

About Sarah Myerscough Gallery  Established in 1998, Sarah Myerscough Gallery promotes formal and aesthetic innovations within the contemporary visual arts by breaking down boundaries between art, craft, design and architecture. To find out more visit and on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

Art courtesy of Sarah Myerscough Gallery, photography by Brendan Bell; (first image, from left) Ernst Gamperl, Ernst Gamperl 40/130 DM15 2015, 52/160 DM15 2015, 39/130 DM15 2015; Peter Marigold, Small Bleed Cabinet 1, 2014; Marc Ricourt, 08 Beech B17; Ernst Gamperl, 16/130 C17, 2017, 20/190 C17, 19/2017 C17; Eleanor Lakelin, Voided Vessel XI C17, 2017; (second image, from left) Marc Ricourt, 01 Beech AP14; Zaha Hadid and Gareth Neal VE-SEL, 2014; (third image) Michael Peterson, Coastal Objects Series PAD16  

4 September 2017 - 2 November 2017
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