Lunchtime Pilates at The Space | 3FA

This March we are launching lunchtime Pilates classes, held within our brand new indoor event space to help tighten your core and improve your posture.

Did you know Pilates is actually resistance training, originally created by a man (Joe Pilates) for men? Resistance training is scientifically proven to create lean muscle and kick-start your metabolism, which in turn helps you to burn calories throughout the day even when you're done exercising!

The classes, which are open exclusively to those who work in our buildings at Broadgate, will be held in The Space | 3FA,  Broadgate's newest and most exciting creative space, and will be run by two alternating experienced Pilates instructor, Eloise.  

Each Pilates class will use gentle yet strengthening movements to tighten your core and improve alignment, which helps to rectify poor posture habits and subsequent aches and pains often caused by prolonged periods of time sat in front of desks. After each session you will come away with a series of exercises which you can apply to everyday life as well as support and strengthen other work out routines. No previous Pilates experience is required. 

Please note: 

  • The classes will run each every other Wednesday, 1-2pm, beginning 20 March
  • Come in comfortable clothing and bring a bottle of water with you
  • Yoga mats and blocks will be provided
  • There are shower facilities, however these are limited
Wednesday 20 March, 3 and 17 April from 1pm

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