We need your help

From 22 July-2 August, The Space | 3FA will be home to a pop-up where neuroscience and nutrition meet to strengthen the biggest muscle in the human body: the brain. 

As part of our exploration, we will be undertaking a first-of-its-kind experiment to separate fact from fiction. With the help of leading experts, we will blend scientific theory, cutting edge technology and the latest food trends and we need your help.

Open exclusively to those who work within the buildings at Broadgate, we will be exploring how the right nuturition could enhance your performance, helping you work smarter. If you're interested in taking part, we'll need some of your time next week

What are we offering?
We’re offering three campus workers the exclusive chance to hack their personal performance by taking part in a “neuro-nutritional” experiment. Each participant will undergo a personalised evaluation and will be given a diet plan that they must adopt for two full weeks. 

Nurdin Topham has over 20 years of experience working as a chef, the majority of which was spent with Raymond Blanc at Le Manoir Aux Quat’Saisons. He earnt a Michelin star in October 2014 for his restaurant NUR in Hong Kong and worked several stints at the Nordic Food Lab, Copenhagen. Now, he cooks and consults in London, exploring Nourishing Gastronomy – his vision on how to make food delicious and nutritious.

What we want to achieve
Creativity, Cognitive Agility and Critical Thinking (3Cs) have been identified as the top three skills required in the Fourth Industrial Age (World Economic Foundation), and we want to explore how cognitive performance and wellbeing can be enhanced.

We will look at the power of nutrition on performance and wellbeing and will  set out to answer the following questions in the process:
•    How can I perform at my best, but not burnout? 
•    How can nutrition help me build and future-proof my skills? 
•    How do I know what food trends are worth paying attention to? 
•    How can I embed this into my busy life?

Who are we looking for?
We’re looking for a diverse mix of participants who represent the broader Broadgate campus. Gender, age, lifestyle, cultural background and dietary choices will be considered before our three participants are selected.

Each participant will need to:

  • Be Open - Embracing new ideas and methods throughout the 10-days.
  • Be Committed - Full commitment to the plan including buying the relevant foods and adapting certain lifestyle choices are essential to gain greater insight and benefit.
  • Be Available - We will be starting the process this week with the first stage (pre-evaluation) taking place on Tuesday 2 July at The Space | 3FA (on Broadgate campus) for approx. 90-120 minutes. See ‘What You’ll Need To Do’ section for proposed schedule of dates and times each participant will need to be available for.
  • Be Social - Prepared to share their involvement on social media and engage in relevant conversations.

How it will work:
There are five key stages:

1.    PERFORMANCE TEST (Pre-Evaluation)
Each participant will undergo a cognitive and attitudinal evaluation. Each individual will be scored on the 3Cs and other wellbeing performance indicators. We'll use written tests, as well as heart rate and brain monitoring equipment. 

2.    PERSONALISED PLAN (Nutritional Consultation)
Once analysed, Nurdin will review the test results and design a personalised 10-day nutritional and wellbeing plan that aims to boost relevant skills for each participant. This will then be shared and discussed over a one-on-one consultation, ensuring each participant can ask any questions and feel completely comfortable in implementing the plan to the best of their ability.

3.    EXPERIMENT LIVE (Live Plan)
Each participant will kick-off their daily plan and have the responsibility for buying the relevant ingredients, snacks and meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The closer participants follow the plan, the more they will benefit from the experiment. At a mid-point during the experiment, Nurdin will organise a video call with each participant to answer any questions or overcome any difficulties.

4.    PERFORMANCE REVIEW (Post-Evaluation)
At the end of the 10-days, a follow-up of the same test will be conducted to review shifts in performance indicators. 

5.    SHARE STORY (Panel Talk)
The experiment will culminate in a panel discussion at The Space | 3FA,  with each of the individuals who have taken part. We will share the background and methodology of the experiment and the results, and each participant will be asked questions about their personal journey. 

Want to take part? 
Please click here to let us know you'd be interested in taking part. Please note, this is open exclusively to those who work within our buildings.

2 July 2019 - 31 July 2019
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