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Making a positive difference

We help our customers connect to opportunities that increase their impact in the local community

Making a positive difference

Access to opportunities

Many of our customers want to deepen their commitment to the place where they’re based. We can help you connect to the opportunities that increase your impact in your local community – however you want to be involved.

Healthy, fair & inclusive
Accredited Good Work Standard employer - the Mayor’s benchmark for workplaces.
Social contribution
42% of construction site spend in six years directly to local businesses – contributing £200m to local economies.
400+ local jobseekers into work through our Broadgate Connect partnership since 2012.
1,100+ local people benefited from our Broadgate community programme last year.
All customers can connect with each other and local partners through campus networks.
London Living Wage
Everyone we employ on our customers’ behalf is paid at least the London Living Wage.

Make a real long-lasting social impact with the Broadgate Community Fund.

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