Mrs Fogg’s Maritime Club & Distillery

Broadgate Circle

Mrs Fogg’s is inspired by Mr Fogg’s better half - his Indian wife, Aouda. On the ground floor sits The Maritime Club, which pays homage to India with its delicate decorative touches and sophisticated, elegant furnishings. 

Perfect for walk-ins, The Maritime Club is a space where weary sailors or thirsty patrons can dock their boats, wet their whistles, and even take a seat in the Club’s lifeboat. Anchored next to the Club is the life-size Rangoon Steamer. Complete with beautiful curtained compartments and equipped with its own bar, passengers can board the ship and step back in time onto the Steamer that Aouda and Phileas Fogg entered London on.

Hidden away below deck is The Engine Room and Distillery. Below deck is where the crew play havoc, as precious cargo is unearthed by the Stowaways and the floor is transformed into a raucous speakeasy-style bar with live entertainment. Guests can revel on the main floor, or for some privacy, frolic with friends in The Engine Room. Inside this, sits The Distillery - an industrial beauty and a vision of Victorian innovation. This fully-functioning machine will create Mrs Fogg’s very own gin elixir.

Photos by Johnny Stephens

37 Broadgate Circle
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11am - 12am
11am - 12am
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Menu of Mrs Fogg’s Maritime Club & Distillery
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Menu of Mrs Fogg’s Maritime Club & Distillery
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