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Our incredible partnership between British Land and the National Theatre continues in to 2022 with more unique creative events and experiences taking place at Broadgate over the coming year. 

Open to everyone on campus, the events are designed to boost your wellbeing, support your return to campus and encourage collaboration and creativity. We will be running monthly workshops led by creative experts, focusing on skills used by theatrical professionals in the rehearsal room and exploring how these can be applied to enhance the working day; from movement, posture, presence, to speech and language techniques.

Separate ‘Secrets from the Stage’ sessions will be hosted where you will hear from the theatre-makers who build the extraordinary worlds you see on the National Theatre’s stages. Giving an unprecedented ‘look behind the curtain’ it will give a unique creative insight into how the magic of theatre comes to life.

Running in Storey Club at 100 Liverpool Street, the National Theatre sessions will be led by industry professionals to give you an exclusive insight into the creative world of the arts in London. These workshops will provide space for you to enjoy in-person experiences you won’t find anywhere else and aim to make a positive impact on the mental and physical wellbeing of all who work at Broadgate, perfect for easing back into the workplace after working at home.

To book your place on one of our National Theatre events, download the Broadgate app and view the ‘Upcoming Events’ carousel. Or click on one of the Book Now buttons below to book via the Broadgate web portal. If you've not already registered, you’ll need to register, with your work email address.

To find out what’s coming up, see the calendar below and book your place now to avoid disappointment.

National Theatre photography courtesy of Philip Vile


Wellbeing workshops

British Land has partnered with the National Theatre (NT) to bring you three exciting new Wellbeing Workshops, designed to fill 2022 with creativity and a refreshed approach to professional development. Over the next three months, you’ll learn a unique set of skills from NT experts including playwrights, vocal tutors and choreographers, which can be applied in your personal and professional lives. The NT specialises in creating world-leading productions, but behind the scenes, there are months of personal, professional and creative development which are vital to the success of a production. 

The three Wellbeing Workshops will explore connecting your body and brain, finding your voice and shaping stories; they’ve all been specifically created with Broadgate occupants in mind so you can leave the sessions energised and inspired with tangible skills you can use every day to build your career and wider goals. Featuring techniques, games and exercises which are used in the rehearsal rooms of the NT to build confidence, improve energy and focus and boost creativity in the workplace, these are unmissable sessions that offer an accessible, relaxed and enjoyable 45 minutes away from your desk. It’s a unique opportunity to meet new people and invest in your creative self.

For more information or if you would like to book in a group of your colleagues, please contact

As this session will be taking place over your lunch hour, complimentary food and drink will be provided courtesy of Beany Green


Back to the Body - Energise and Balance

3rd March 1.10pm-1.50pm
Storey Club, 100 Liverpool Street, Broadgate

During this 45-minute session, Bradley Charles will take you through a series of exercises that are designed to reconnect you with your body through simple, fun, intuitive movements and sequences. As you return to the office, it’s important to balance your time at your desk with time for you. This workshop will energise your day and put you in a more confident and creative headspace. Please wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to let your hair down!  

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Meet your workshop leader: Bradley Charles 

Bradley Charles headshot
Bradley Charles has choreographed for some of the UK’s leading dance companies in the West End and for the National Theatre. For the past two years, he has been Artistic Director for ZooNation Youth Company, and previously choreographed for performances in the London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony. 


Vocal Vitality: The Power of Communication

5th April 1.10pm-1.50pm
Storey Club, 100 Liverpool Street, Broadgate

This 45-minute workshop will focus on the power of the voice and breathwork to speak and inspire. As we begin to come off Zoom and migrate our way back to face-to-face interactions, this workshop dives into vocal techniques which empower speakers to aid communication, create connection and facilitate engagement. You will explore how the mind, body and breath serve the voice in meaningful communication both within and outside of the workplace.

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Meet your workshop Leader: Victoria Woodward

Victoria Woodward headshot
Victoria is a Voice and Communication Coach, working in both the arts and the corporate world.  Having trained first as an actor at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama, she worked in a variety of theatre, film, TV and radio roles, and then went on to study for her MA in Voice Studies at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.  She has coached corporate clients from Accenture Interactive, Fjord, Lloyds TSB, Lufthansa German Airlines, and HM Treasury amongst others.  She also works with actors at The National Theatre, Shakespeare’s Globe, the RSC and The Bridge Theatre as well as many of London’s top drama schools.


Storytelling In Action: Building Worlds with Meaning

4th May 1.10pm-1.50pm
Storey Club, 100 Liverpool Street, Broadgate

All the world's a stage and we're playing many parts in our lives, alongside the other people we interact with. Narratives and storytelling are central to communication and engaging with others, on the job and in our daily lives. We are constantly building dialogue with others in our workplace ensembles. We will be joined by playwright and theatre-maker Brian Mullin to quickly and collaboratively explore the basics of stories and scenes to see how worlds can be built in partnership with those around us. The final session in our three-part series will tie the physical presence of the individual, with your voices, as you confidently shape your own role, participating actively in the shared narrative around you.

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Meet your workshop leader: Brian Mullin

Brian Mullin headshot
Brian Mullin is a playwright, theatre-maker and dramaturg, born in the US and working in London since 2012. He writes, teaches and also works extensively with community groups, using performance as a methodology for social change. His scripts have been developed on both sides of the Atlantic including by The Yard, The Orange Tree, High Tide and Lincoln Centre Directors Lab (


Secrets of the Stage

31st March 1.10pm-1.50pm
Storey Club, 100 Liverpool Street, Broadgate

The National Theatre is famous for its world-leading productions, including the creation of War Horse, Frankenstein and One Man Two Guvnors, but have you ever wondered how a production comes to life? British Land has partnered with the National Theatre to bring you a series of exclusive Secrets from the Stage sessions, where you will hear from the theatre-makers who build the extraordinary worlds you see on the National Theatre’s stages. 

We’ll be taking a look behind the curtain at the NT to see what goes on in the workshops of the biggest factory on the South Bank. Hear from world-leading craftspeople who’ll present how iconic props and scenery are designed and created. Discover how the NT is adapting to the changing landscape of the climate emergency, embedding sustainability into everything it creates. 

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Sign up for Secrets from the Stage and you’ll also receive one month’s free access to the digital streaming service, NT at Home plus a complimentary hot drink and pastry from BloomsYard.

woman and man creating a theatre set
Photography courtesy of Philip Vile


About the National Theatre  

The National Theatre’s mission is to make world-class theatre, for everyone. The NT creates and shares unforgettable stories with audiences across the UK and around the world. On its own stages, on tour, in schools, on cinema screens and streaming at home, it strives to be accessible, inclusive and sustainable.  

The National Theatre empowers artists and craftspeople to make world-leading work, investing in talent and developing new productions with a wide range of theatre companies at its New Work Department.  

Our nation thrives on fresh talent and new ideas, so the National Theatre works with young people and teachers right across the UK through performance, writing and technical programmes to ignite the creativity of the next generation.  

Together with communities, the NT creates ambitious works of participatory theatre in deep partnerships that unite theatres and local organisations – showing that nothing brings us together like theatre.  

The National Theatre needs your support to shape a bright, creative future. For more information, please visit or @NationalTheatre


Storey Club 

Established in 2017 by British Land, Storey creates and provides private flexible workspaces in inspiring locations, partnering with award-winning architects and designers. Storey has created a nimble and innovative alternative to the traditional leases for businesses that need their own private space with built-in flexibility, working with its customers’ growth plans and business strategy. 

Storey Club, established in 2019, offers British Land and Storey customers relaxed and inspiring lounge spaces, bookable meeting rooms and event space in two landmark locations. Storey Club in Paddington Central and Broadgate both offer state-of-art technology throughout the space, plus dedicated teams to support all your meeting and event needs. 


Download the Broadgate App for booking events and Storey Club, exclusive deals, digital access for touch-free journeys and much more.  Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and share your photos with @BroadgateLondon. For all the latest news, launches and offers direct to your inbox, sign up to Broadgate's newsletter.  

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