National Theatre at Broadgate

We’re delighted to announce the launch of an incredible partnership between British Land and the National Theatre, which will see unique creative events and experiences taking place at Broadgate over the coming year. 

Open to everyone on campus, the events are designed to boost your wellbeing, support your return to campus and encourage collaboration and creativity. We will be running monthly workshops led by creative experts, focusing on skills used by theatrical professionals in the rehearsal room and exploring how these can be applied to enhance the working day; from movement, posture, presence, to speech and language techniques.

Separate theatre techniques sessions will demonstrate skills such as Special Effects and Prosthetics in Theatre, enabling attendees to ‘look behind the curtain’ and gain a unique creative insight into how the magic of theatre comes to life.

Running at a range of times throughout the day in Storey Club to accommodate your schedule, the National Theatre sessions will be led by industry professionals to give you an exclusive insight into the creative world of the arts in London. These workshops will provide space for you to enjoy in-person experiences you won’t find anywhere else and aim to make a positive impact on the mental and physical wellbeing of all who work at Broadgate, perfect for easing back into the workplace after working at home.

All sessions will be available to book online and via the Broadgate app. To find out what’s coming up, see the calendar below and book your place now to avoid disappointment.

National Theatre photography courtesy of Philip Vile


Wellbeing workshops

Each month an industry expert will share their tools and tactics with you in these fun bitesize sessions. Get moving and explore intuitive movement with dance moves and exercises from the rehearsal rooms of famous productions or improve your posture, presence and vocal delivery to grow your confidence.


Portrait of Gurkiran Kaur

National Theatre Voice Workshop with Gurkiran Kaur

3 November - 8.15am – 8.35am, 12.15pm – 12.35pm and 1pm – 1.20pm

Storey Club, 100 Liverpool Street, Broadgate

Enliven your day with National Theatre voice, accent and dialect coach and a Kundalini Yoga teacher Gurkiran Kaur, as she guides you to take a short meaningful break from your working day to focus on your voice. From mindful awareness, bridging your breath and body to celebrate your unique voice, you will be truly inspired and energised.

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Photograph courtesy of Cameron Slater Photography

Movement workshop with National Theatre Choreographer, Jackie Kibuka

6 October - - 8.15am – 8.35am, 12.15pm – 12.35pm and 1pm – 1.20pm

8 December - - 8.15am – 8.35am, 12.15pm – 12.35pm and 1pm – 1.20pm

Storey Club, 100 Liverpool Street, Broadgate

Join National Theatre Choreographer, Jackie Kibuka, for this dance and movement workshop, designed to boost your energy and refresh your working day. This session will provide a fun creative environment to explore the benefit of dance and movement in its many forms, teaching you some new moves straight from the National Theatre rehearsal rooms. Jackie’s will get you stretching, dancing and using your body in this short fun session. 

No prior experience is needed, simply come along and enjoy! ​

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Theatre techniques

Get a ‘behind the curtain’ insight into the backstage workings of the creative teams at the National Theatre. From initial sketchbook designs to final onstage products, these experts will guide you through their innovative process of transformation, showcasing how the magic of theatre comes to life.

Photography courtesy of Ellie Kurtz

National Theatre Wigs, Hair, Special Effects and Prosthetics Workshop 

28 September - 12:30 - 1:15pm

Storey Club, 100 Liverpool Street, Broadgate

Join experts from the Wigs, Hair and Make-up team at the National Theatre who will share exclusive insights into this highly creative and inspiring department. Responsible for producing and maintaining all aspects of wig-making, hair and make-up styles and special effects prosthetics for every show staged in the National's three theatres, these exciting and interactive sessions will also demonstrate examples of applying prosthetics.​

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About the National Theatre  

The National Theatre’s mission is to make world-class theatre, for everyone. The NT creates and shares unforgettable stories with audiences across the UK and around the world. On its own stages, on tour, in schools, on cinema screens and streaming at home, it strives to be accessible, inclusive and sustainable.  

The National Theatre empowers artists and craftspeople to make world-leading work, investing in talent and developing new productions with a wide range of theatre companies at its New Work Department.  

Our nation thrives on fresh talent and new ideas, so the National Theatre works with young people and teachers right across the UK through performance, writing and technical programmes to ignite the creativity of the next generation.  

Together with communities, the NT creates ambitious works of participatory theatre in deep partnerships that unite theatres and local organisations – showing that nothing brings us together like theatre.  

The National Theatre needs your support to shape a bright, creative future. For more information, please visit or @NationalTheatre


Storey Club 

Established in 2017 by British Land, Storey creates and provides private flexible workspaces in inspiring locations, partnering with award-winning architects and designers. Storey has created a nimble and innovative alternative to the traditional leases for businesses that need their own private space with built-in flexibility, working with its customers’ growth plans and business strategy. 

Storey Club, established in 2019, offers British Land and Storey customers relaxed and inspiring lounge spaces, bookable meeting rooms and event space in two landmark locations. Storey Club in Paddington Central and Broadgate both offer state-of-art technology throughout the space, plus dedicated teams to support all your meeting and event needs. 

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