100 Black Men of London

The 100 Black Men of London, delivers programmes that focus on four key areas of concern: Mentoring; Education; Economic Empowerment; and Health & Wellness.

1. What is your organisation called and what does it do?  
Our charity, the 100 Black Men of London, delivers programmes that focus on four key areas of concern: Mentoring; Education; Economic Empowerment; and Health & Wellness. We call them our Four for the Future.  We believe that providing leadership on these four areas is the key to the growth and prosperity of our youth and our community.

2. What are the biggest challenges your organisation faces – now and in the coming years?
The media is filled with numerous examples of the negative narrative of young people in London. The 100 Black Men of London seek to change that narrative and are determined to create positive examples through positive actions and experiences.
Our young people are achieving wonderful things, and all possess the potential for greatness, they have seen a better way through our intervention and turned their lives around; we are so proud of them as an organisation that we continuously celebrate them and ensure their accomplishments are recognised.
However, one of the big challenges we face at the moment is around Digital Transformation and having the skillset inhouse to manage our full transition to utilising digital processes across the organisation. What comes with this is a need to improve our Online Communications so that we can deliver engaging content in an effective manner. By overcoming both of these challenges it will inevitably allow use to build on our 19-year track record and increase our reach and impact to more young people and families across London.
In the coming years we intend to reach critical scale with our audience/community by ensuring that our name is synonymous to world-class youth development. However, we know that we do not currently have the infrastructure to help us to scale effectively – thus making space to deliver our programmes and events a massive priority, whilst we also require support with our expansion strategy and human resource management.

3. What is your organisation’s relationship with Broadgate?
In October 2019 we were invited to lead a Lunch and Learn session to inform and educate staff from the companies that are a part of the onsite community at Broadgate to learn about how an all-volunteer run charity manages to run effectively for a sustained period of time. We also covered the reasons as to why Mentoring and Leadership Development are empowering approaches to help young people from disadvantaged communities in London to be able to thrive in life.
Finally, having begun with he fact that one of our members works for a company based at Broadgate, we have started to explore opportunities for running some of our flagship workshops and events at Broadgate in the future.

4. Please can you describe something that you’ve learnt or that has surprised you during the COVID-19 crisis, if anything?
On a national scale, it is clear that ‘Digital Poverty’ has been an overwhelming issue in a time when young people are being expected to operate as Distance Learners with academic work being sent across the internet. Fortunately for us, a large percentage of the families that we work with through our Community Mentoring Programme have managed to maintain their engagement with us as we deliver sessions, events and group check-ins over video conferencing platforms like Zoom.
This has been fairly surprising for us as we have managed to realise not only our own resilience and flexibility as an organisation, but also just how passionate and dedicated our service users are to strive in the midst of adversity. This is what compels us to remain at the heart of our community. 

5. How can Broadgate and the businesses based here best support you – now and longer term?
Considering we do not have a building or space that we own, we are always seeking organisations to partner with that will help us to access space in order to deliver our programmes. Access to event/workshop related equipment – even as simple as stationary or efficient handheld digital products – will also help us to diversify and enhance the delivery of our programmes so they can be more impactful to our service users.
We also would benefit massively from having dedicated and passionate people to join our organisation as members and volunteers (male and female) in order to support our work across a range of functions. This includes: Mentoring, Marketing, Membership Management, Operations, Finance, Programme Development.

6. What message do you most want businesses at Broadgate to remember from your blog?
Young people are the future, and with us the future is bright. The future is our Diamonds (mentees), and they are learning to understand the challenges they face and how to overcome them in a responsible manner that adds value to them, their community and society at large.
This is why our central belief is that What They See Is What They’ll Be. Young people engaging with selfless and responsible members of their community that dedicate themselves to facilitating their development – with a focus on our previously mentioned Four for the Future – is what ensures they become the shining lights we all know they can be.

7. What are your hopes for the future?
At the 100 our Vision is to be the leading youth and community development organisation that uplifts our community and empowers our youth to be the best version of themselves.
Together We Can realise our vision, which is why there has never been a better time to collaborate with us as we are eager to build new alliances and work together with socially responsible partners to uplift, engage and inspire our young people positively along with members of our society.

8. Is there anything else, not covered above, that you particularly want to highlight?
We have been serving our community since 2001 and impacting thousands of lives through the work we do and this April celebrates our 19th year in operation. Since then we have created and delivered a wide range of great programmes including our accredited Community Mentoring Programme, 100 Book Club, Fathers’ Day Quality Time, Education through Film programme, Family Fun Day, Leadership Development Programme, Audience with our Children debate, Black History Challenge, and more.

If you would like to get in contact or find out more information about The 100 Black Men of London please visit their website

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