5 ways to boost your creative courage

This autumn, London’s Broadgate is hosting Shaped By Design - a season celebrating creativity and artistic inspiration. For one of our can’t-miss workshops, we invited branding guru, Michael Wolff, a legendary British graphic designer and thought-leader to share his insider advice on trusting your own creativity. Here’s what we learned from the man himself.

1. Creative courage is made up of three things “It’s a blend of not being driven by habits, of common sense and of trusting that fearless, childish part of yourself.”

2. Trust in your own ideas “When I first started working, I’d look at the work of people I’d admire such as Colin Forbes who was famous for his typography. I used to think if my work looked like theirs then it would be good - it’s natural for us to think that. But then someone whispered the word ‘plagiarism’ and I realised it was imitation and not original.”

3. Make your own vision “I think vision is a picture of the future made with imagination - which should contain a zoom lens that lets you examine the smallest detail. And it should be something that pushes you from inside your gut.”

4. Notice the world around you “Noticing the trivial and the inconvenient means you can make something better. And look to the world for inspiration - instead of searching for the right colour green in a Pantone book - head to Regent’s Park and make your own green.”

5. Take kindness seriously “Whether you’re approaching a product design, communicating something or working on people’s environments, think about the people you’re designing for. Don’t assume anything.”

Learn more about Michael Wolff here. Michael's talk was hosted in partnership with produceuk.com

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